Backpack the TARDIS from Doctor Who

If you’re a fan of science fiction, then just know about Doctor Who and what the TARDIS is. Of course, there is a desire to acquire practical and useful thing, although sometimes beautiful.

For those who don’t know, the TARDIS is a time machine that looks like a Police box, and its meaning is that it is less outside than inside.

What was all this digression, you ask. So, feeling that the backpack has these properties, not so much as in the original, but still.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality
  3. Opinion

Where to buy

So, it’s a bright blue backpack with main compartment on the screed and one outer pocket. Looks quite presentable and suitable for both children and adults of any gender.

Externally, it is of small size, made solidly and there was no unpleasant smell when you receive the parcel.

It cost me about $ 12, took here, but it was free shipping AliExpress Standard Shipping, though it is not always monitored thoroughly as the same ePacket, but comes too quickly. If you use a cashback EPN, it is possible even with this little amount to save!

I waited 18 days from the weekend. Except for the backpack I ordered something else from this seller, everything went very comfortable and well Packed.


What can you say about the backpack?

It looks very compact but fit a tablet, clothes and even medium-sized containers with food, all together.

A bit short in the straps (I used to wear backpacks very low), but it is possible to compensate with his hands.

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I already managed several times to wash. The fabric is not pale (and she is not painted at all), print remains bright.

Magnetic clasps work well and never opened on their own. The black parts are made out of leather, but of very high quality, so that is also convenient to use.


Well, as a fan of this universe I am very happy with the order. There was a choice of two, plus earrings.

My choice fell on a backpack more, or so it seemed in the picture. But I can tell you, the thing looks exactly like the picture, sometimes I think even better. Again, ordered on Aliexpress on this page here.