Backpack schoolbag Mochila for girls

So, I would like to write my honest opinion about the products on AliExpress. And this time it will be this backpack Mochila.

Ordered it 15.08.2018, came 11.09.2018 Russian post. I ordered here. But there are cases when I come for 1 — 2 weeks.The goods were tracked. As for packing solid 4. Ordinary mail package, and the backpack itself was wrapped in plastic, all the locks were Packed in paperco.


Pros: the Backpack is pretty big, holds all textbooks. Many pocket handy pocket on the back , you can fit a lot of notebooks.

The same is ahead. Side, way, too cool, the water bottle fits easily.

The backpack is very light , very straight)) Once the straps are very convenient in the sense that dense and large. Threads do not stick out.

But! If you want red embroidered strawberries may be a curve, smooth ask. Yet there is one life hack : if you don’t want to wait until you send , or you need it urgent , say what you need to quickly send and will. it quickly becomes.That’s all the pros end.

Cons: the Cons to be much more.

  • The seller is long processed the order, probably about 10 days;
  • After a month of use I realized that it gets dirty very quickly. That is just a couple of weeks already dirty;
  • In the wash the way much the paint washed off. Then, after some time all the locks just broke, and this happened a couple of days (I’ve also included optional);
  • Then in school had to bring more books than usual, and the lightning separated;
  • What happened recently: straps that adjust the height of the backpack , just started to fall apart.
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Conclusion : Honestly, the backpack is not suitable for school. It is possible to travel somewhere — Yes. Maybe I caught a defective, but I would not recommend it. The cost of it, the way, 979 rubles. But for the price — I would not recommend.

Of course, if you have far to go, the backpack is great, but not for school.

Bought here. I believe that this is not a good buy on Aliexpress That backpack for you to use, you will have to pay a couple hundred for repairs. Seen better portfolios, for example, Muzee backpacks.