Backpack organizer for mom and baby SUUTOOP

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The contents

  1. Where and how to apply
  2. Pockets organizer of a young mother
  3. Second opinion
  4. Quality
  6. Mount

Where and how to apply

This backpack is designed especially for strollers, as the straps have special mounts that allow you to fasten it to the handle of the stroller.

For mounting I also hung the handle of the cart for products in the supermarket. Also took the plane to Sochi, in hand Luggage it easily passed . The backpack has a rear mount for the handle of the suitcase that allows you to just put these on and not worn on the shoulders.

The dimensions of this bag: height 35 cm, width 30 cm,depth 16 cm comes with the thermal bag size specifically for feeding bottle for baby food to keep the temperature of the diluted liquid.

For owners of the powerbank has a special outlet in the backpack SUUTOOP for the cable. The cable came with a backpack. Lifehacker AK: at Home I used it as extension cord for the charger from the phone.

Pockets organizer of a young mother

The backpack is equipped with multiple pockets:


  • under the straps of a backpack (to hide there cards, passports and all important items as safe to carry when the backpack leaning against it directly to the back);
  • two side open pockets;
  • one large pocket on the front of the castle with units (I there is inserted handkerchiefs, pens).
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Interior is one large compartment with 6 pockets elastic (they placed diapers, bottles, juice, etc.).

Overall, this backpack is essential for mom and baby, as it allows you to quickly find the necessary thing to maintain order and to take all necessary on the road and a walk.

The material of the backpack is not easily soiled, well made.

The cost at the time of purchase 1345 rubles. Here is a direct link to this item on Aliexpress.

Second opinion

Want to talk about this necessary each young mommy accessory as a backpack organizer for children’s clothes.

I ordered it on the website Aliexpress and paid about 2000 roubles. The delivery took about two weeks. I want to warn about the need to clarify the presence of color, as if the color timing of the receipt of the parcel significantly delayed.


Before using the backpack will veverite at least three days, as there is a sharp chemical smell. But he completely disappears after this procedure.

The fabric from which it is sewn, not the brand, but to talk about the high stain-resistant properties can not. Advised to choose darker colors, as something for everyday use.

The main advantage of the product is the presence of sewn reusable diapersthat replaces the need wearing disposable. But it is also its main drawback.

In fact, the dimensions do not allow to fully use it, and start to think about a separate sheet. Too close to the bags and too small.

Easily fits a child only 3 months. I’ll share a small life hack. In this area, very convenient to carry documents that they do not crumple and easy to get.

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Interior compartment has 4 open pockets and 2 closed. One of them is completely made of polyethylene, for storage of wet gear, in the case of embarrassment, the baby. Open pockets large enough, it can accommodate a bottle or diapers. In the second buttoned pocket to conveniently store different things.

Very conveniently located external pockets. In the side pockets convenient to quickly stick some small object like a toy or cloth. One of them is a slit for easy removal.

The front side has a large pocket. There are compartments for two bottles and instruments. All of them are from the inside covered with foil, which implies the effect of a thermos for baby food. But in fact bottom they have, so it really should not count. For phone there is a small compartment on the outside large pocket on the locks.


Also, the backpack has the ability to connect to USB, for example, to charge the phone. Placed inside the external battery and the small wire on the outside. However, the usefulness of this device is highly questionable. It is easier to connect directly.


He also has the ability to attach the bag to the stroller, this kit has two straps. The straps for the shoulders are very soft, wide, absolutely no pressure and do not RUB. The inner surface is made of mesh. In the case of flights it can be worn over a retractable suitcase handle, so much easier to carry hand Luggage without fear that it will fall.

Overall, the backpack has left itself a positive experience, it is roomy, practical, looks very stylish.

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But on Aliexpress there are many analogues without diapers, and consider it a competitive advantage I can’t. In cases of force majeure, it certainly will help, but seriously it shouldn’t be. If there is a possibility to order a similar product cheaper, I advise you to take it and separate the reusable sheet, so it will be much easier.

Again, bought on Ali here.