Backpack Muzee — small but with great potential

Want to share buying a very nice and incredibly spacious backpack Muzee, who became my faithful companion in all trips and survived everything from the Sands of the desert to pouring rain.

Backpack Muzee (from this manufacturer, by the way, in the whole range of rucksacks very good) – my personal, one of the best finds on AliExpress.

Where to buy

Better to buy at official store on Aliexpress. There will be a guarantee of quality that you don’t fake sell, and low price relative to other sellers-intermediaries. And in Moscow it is possible to see, to touch, in the so-called «Touching the pavilion», a brand muzi can be found here.

I just want to warn you that the price there depends on the color of the backpack and its size. That is the backpack of a different color can cost you cheaper or more expensive, I guess.

Shipping from China was free, via ePacket, it took about two weeks, the product was monitored throughout the journey and was taken to the house by courier. And there was a small gift inside. A trifle, but nice Seller responsive, polite, have a desire to order from him again.


Regarding unpacking, no unnecessary odors was not observed, was immediately struck by the excellent quality of the material and the abundance of pockets and compartments – it’s huge. I’m already a little prifigel from the fact that it W as only in pockets to cram :). Oh, and there are two wonderful pockets on the sides: one of them, for example, can put water bottle, very convenient, in short!

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On the sides of the portfolio are also special rivets, with the help of which you can either expand or shrink the perceived size of a backpack. In my opinion, even more practical than tactical men’s bags standard «Military».

Zipper wide, are working properly, the backpack comfortable to wear (even fully loaded!). If you fly low-cost airlines, or just flight, which has only carry-on baggage, you can safely take this backpack with you: I have it fit more than a small suitcase.

That is, it really is possible to cram about 10 kg, and it will look as though it weighs no more than two pounds, so the staff never asked me to weigh my backpack or something.

Summing up the portfolio is good for all kinds of trips. Even in the mountains, tested on myself. To study too. Computer/tablet successfully fit in that, like books and folders up to A4 size.

And yet there is one small but nice thing: the backpack looks really cute! As the guy and the girl. The photo on the website is fully consistent with the stated color.

Of the minuses, it’s hard to remember something. Except maybe the straps slightly too wide, the jacket is not very comfortable to wear, but this is one of those my feelings.
In General, backpack, beautiful, fully justifies its price, especially with discounts, which can be found here, the official representative of the Muzee.