Backpack Mark Ryden

Very pleased with the purchase of a backpack Mark Ryden!

The order issued March 17, 2018 for the shares. aliexpress, the price is 36,08$. To Kazakhstan was exactly a month. Took on the official website of the manufacturer’s brand Mark Ryden Ali here.

Bought for travel and trips to the country, i.e. its main task is to hold ALL (if a little SMALL).

A year of active use it is not something that has not collapsed, and even the thread never got out. A test drive will not every one)))

The package came neatly Packed, without any damage. Backpack in original packaging. Odor was not.

Backpack mark Ryden — unisex – adequately looks at the girl and the guy. Most importantly, does not look bulky. Walls are thick, so the shape is not changed even if Packed to the eyeballs.

The grey colour is not easily soiled. Set on the ground – brushed – went on. For fun, doused with water… Do not soak!

Appearance is fully consistent with the photos. Inside the same thing: 2 of the division with a bunch of pockets. Clasp for a reliable laptop. The locks on the compartments are deep, so the backpack opens widely, which makes it easier to «dig» inside.

Pockets on the front side is not very convenient – narrow, but the wallet/keys/cell can be put. But something small better not the palm of the hand can stick, but when the active search of the castle scratches.

The straps are soft, comfortable regulated. Do not bite, do not RUB. The back is soft, orthopedic. Wearing very comfortable, back from the weight does not hurt.

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Individual thanks for side handles! Again took on the official page of the brand on Aliexpress. If you liked this, then I can still recommend to pay attention to the bags Vrtrend with USB charging system and «anti-theft», and if you fly quite often, 8848 backpack perfect for hand Luggage.

By the way, girls, what about the braided hand bags made of natural rattan Fonmor? With gray or beige backpack should look great in the kit))