Backpack for mother and baby

After the birth of a child ordered a backpack for mom and the baby, to make it easier to take bottles, diapers and other trips and just for walking.

Advertising backpacks seen on the network, decided to look on Aliexpress, where, as it turned out, the analog is almost 2 times cheaper. Bought for 700 rubles here on this page Aliexpress, thinking only about the color. The order came after a month, the standard terms for delivery to Arkhangelsk. The backpack is very satisfied and here’s why.

The contents

  1. Appearance
  2. Functionality
  3. Conclusion


Backpack for mother and baby is quite a roomy bag with a height of 44 cm, width 38 cm, depth 16 cm Made of polyester, face fabric structure reminiscent of the matting. My model is mint color.

The fabric is moisture proof, that is, droplets are not absorbed immediately, they are easy something to brush off. Lightning of Golden color along the Central made of a metal frame, which prevents deformation of the product. All zippers go easily, without jamming. Made the straps for the back and also two handles to carry like a bag.


Backpack has adjustable straps and a very convenient option – on handles sewn rivet that you can use to hang the bag, for example, on the stroller (photo attached).

The backpack has an external pocket with three thermal compartments, which can be used not only for bottles but also for little things, for example to put the keys easy to get and hard to lose. In addition, there are two side pockets that are not fastened, but can be used to store, say, packages.

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Inside the bag-a backpack is quite a lot of pockets located at the top. Thus, down is better to put something bulky (a book, a box of tissues, a jar with the mixture).

Side internal pockets on hips suitable for placement of the diaper. On one long side there are 2 pockets of different sizes narrower can be used for phone or patch with mashed potatoes, wider for the baby clothes. On the back of the backpack inside there is a secret zip pocket which will fit a passport or phone.

Please note. It should be noted that the backpack is not designed for heavy loads. The description does not specify a maximum load weight, and since I like to load the bag, then the severity of the thread on the straps began to unravel, because the first time fastened it to the stroller with them.


I recommend to buy, the quality is not inferior to analogues of (seen from friends)! Once again, I bought this backpack for mom and baby on Aliexpress here. I can also recommend such a winter baby fur Romper Kuaileyuqi and reusable diapers-diapers with liners Mumsbest for the baby, which greatly save money for young parents and are more the right natural material for baby’s skin.