Backpack for mom Baby

Any mother knows that to exit a child from home I have to drag a lot of things. In this situation, the magic wand becomes a backpack bag brand Baby. With it you can take everything you need and the hands remain free for the child or transportation (wheelchair or Bicycle).

The contents

  1. Convenience
  2. Pockets and compartments
  3. Quality
  4. Video


This model is a backpack designed specifically for moms. Every little thing allows you to make it convenient and functional. I took it on Aliexpress here.

The front of the bag features a small pocket with closure with three special compartments for bottles or jars. The walls of these compartments foil, which gives additional thermoregulation.

It will help retain the warmth or coolness of products if necessary. In the same compartment there is a mesh pocket which is handy for spoons.

Pockets and compartments

Outside there are two side pockets on hips. One specially adapted for napkins. If you use dry wipes in boxes — they can be pulled directly through the existing slot. The second is convenient for water bottles.

Inside, the space is well organized. Many outlets will allow the things not to lie, and to take its place and thus save space.

There are 2 pockets for small items mom or dad on the front wall, you can put your phone or keys. On the sides two large pockets I use for diapers and diapers.

On the back wall pocket with closure, in which you can hide documents or large money — to get there will be difficult. And the pocket in its lower part is rubberized: if your backpack will leak juice or water, the contents will remain unharmed.

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Also the back side has a lock, which opens the bottom of the backpack. This allows you to get what is at the bottom and turn everything inside is upside down.

The straps of the Baby backpack for mom comfortable, soft. Even a lot of weight to carry on your shoulders is not difficult. There are handles that you can take a backpack as a handbag.

I liked that the backpack holds its shape. If you put on the ground he will not fall, and when opening things won’t sleep. The top is closed on bilateral zipper. In its base enclosing the metal plates that make it easy to use.


Backpack Baby is very roomy, though it looks compact. Size 20х15х40 see Tailoring done efficiently, all smooth lines, threads do not stick out. The fabric is thick and the zipper is strong. You can invest with a dozen reusable diapers, an infrared instant thermometer to measure the temperature of the baby in one click.

From the seller available in 21 colors, my «deep gray». Store: Online Shopping Malls. Ordered for$ 15 with coupon on this page here on Aliexpress. Or here’s a direct link on this model.

Standard shipping. At the post office in Grodno (Belarus) was 30 days. Can to it still recommend quality chipset Manduca on the chest or the back of the mother.