Backpack Hatano or women’s briefcase

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Have been looking for a backpack that can «transform» into the bag to get for school and for walking or travelling, and most importantly at a reasonable price and finally found one on AliExpress brand Hatano on the official website of the manufacturer.

The contents

  1. Design and usability
  2. Cons
  3. Color and where to buy
  4. Conclusion

Design and usability

Backpack attracted me with its design and size. Made of faux leather, but looks soundly and efficiently, convenient and practical.

Thanks to the long shoulder handle, it can be worn as a backpack and as a handbag. Handle itself can be adjusted to your height.

Perfect for exploring the city because of its small size, accuracy and capacity. You can wear it in any weather, the cold does not harden.

He also has a very comfortable, soft and sturdy straps that do not RUB and do not slip off shoulders, even when wearing a jacket. In addition to a zipper, backpack closes with a rivet, which unfortunately can come off with constant use, but if it is not riveting, the backpack will still be closed.

The portfolio is very feminine and unique, it can be worn under jeans with a t-shirt and under the dress with ballet flats. In both cases, it looks stylish and fashionable. Inside and outside there is one pocket for small items, phone, or paper currency.

Main pocket without lining, fit folder of A4 format, as well as the usual textbooks to four or five pieces, depending on their thickness. I wear it to school and it can hold about three textbooks, three notebooks, a pencil case, Apple and thermo while the portfolio is not «inflated» and does not look bulky.

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Bought, like, black Friday and the product was at a great discount, for 750 rubles (without discounts costs 2000), the backpack came for 2 weeks in Novosibirsk oblast by regular mail, which is very surprising as other products usually came for one or two months.

Track product is constantly monitored, and upon its arrival, the container is fully consistent with the description on the website. The quality is high, almost perfect, all seams are neat and clear, threads do not stick out, the zipper moves smoothly and doesn’t jam the material is durable and pleasant to the touch.

This women’s briefcase Hatano is perfect for light and airy sundress Dotfashion and skirt Bella Philosophy.


The only drawback was the unpleasant smell of rubber, which after a week of use disappeared completely, I just kept it on the balcony and inside put the tea bags. It was Packed well in plastic and some other material, the inside was stuffed with paper, making the product almost ready, only a fringe in the front.

Color and where to buy

On the website is sold in four colors: dark blue, grey, pink and light brown. I bought gray because this color is versatile and will suit any wardrobe. Operation backpack has been about four months, but there was not scratched or faded and looks like new.

Ordered it at the store Hatano Store on Aliexpress, which has a huge number of positive reviews. The seller is very responsive, very quick to respond to messages and made contact. Here is a direct link.

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After checking this product, I can confidently recommend it as the overall backpack has most of the pluses and only two minuses. Can serve as a good gift for girlfriend or mother, is a reasonable price and instant delivery. My purchase very pleased.