Backlight led TV

In may 2018, into my head came the idea to make a backlight for the TV LG GoldStarto on summer nights to watch movies in a cosy atmosphere: without light, but not in the dark.

About the led strip I read a lot, seen a lot of photos, but always looking for the catch. At the time, aliexpress was not yet of a number of proposals, therefore, selected according to the maximum number of orders. 1.5 meter paid$ 5, I ordered here. Now they are 3-4$.

There is a difference in the emitted color, they can be colored (blue, red, green, daylight, cold, etc.) and remote control. The price of the latter is more expensive, but of colors and more modes.

The contents

  • Shipping and packaging
  • Tape installation on the TV
  • Summary
  • Video
  • Shipping and packaging

    Sent me the tape in two days, the parcel was from Hong Kong via Sweden (which surprised me a lot) and in Kyiv it was already after 22 days.

    All neatly Packed in normal zip package, but the tape itself is wrapped with some bubble wrap, nothing was damaged. Overall I would give 8 out of 10 for packaging.

    Tape installation on the TV

    The reverse side has an adhesive strip along its entire length, it is made to mount to any surface, grip was dead after 2 minutes (the surface must not be dusty). But during the installation there were two problems:

    • The first problem was that the tape itself runs from USB for old TV just minus. For those who want to use it from the outlet, will have to find a junk power supply;
    • The second problem was that it is not plastic, i.e. it can be bent, but only perpendicular( to wrap around something), the problem can be seen in the photo.
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    It works from the TV, for the whole summer no failure was not, is not heated and gives a light which does not hurt the eyes.


    Shipping not the fastest, Packed well, works perfectly, problems with installation are resolved. The whole thing is very interesting for those who want to improve the interior of the apartment.

    Saw these strips in the kitchen above the work surface. Himself in the future will order the coil on 20 meters, will hold the ceiling in the room, to illuminate and create a lamp atmosphere. My bottom line is: take it, its free!!. Again, bought on Aliexpress here.