Baby Watch Q90

The daughter went to the first class and there is a need to acquire the device to communicate with the child in school. The phone did not want to buy, since children can be distracted by games or just to lose him.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Use
  3. Opportunities
  4. Cons
  5. Conclusion
  6. Video

Where to buy

Smart watch for kids brand Baby Watch Q90 I have purchased on Aliexpress for 1618р. here on this page, delivery is free.

The parcel went about a month, track to track, took in the mail. Watch is presented in bright colors, have a touch screen and silicone strap.


Features use smart clock Baby Watch Q90:

  • Essential micro-SIM card of the national operator. Without SIM card clock enabled but to configure the time and date is impossible.
  • To the parent smartphone need to download a special free app SeTracker through which are made all the basic settings to put the contacts in the phone book to track the location of a child, etc.


  • The Commission and taking calls. In the phonebook you can add up to 15 rooms.
  • Messaging, but only with the person who have installed the app on phone. Through the app parents can send messages by voice, or to write a text, the child responds with only a voice message.
  • Tracking location of the child. But often the clock shows the wrong location, due to the instability of GPS signal when the child is in the room.
  • The clock has a SOS button which can be pressed in case of danger. Phone adult comes notification with location coordinates of a smart watch. You can specify up to 3 numbers which will come the message.
  • Listening to what the child says or surrounding.
  • Useful notification to the parent mobile – on lifting hours, on low battery, even frequent palpitation of the child.
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What are the cons I found after 6 months of use:

  • Ruptured silicone strap. But, of course, you can order it on Ali or buy in specialized stores, but more expensive. Fit the straps of any child hours line «Q». For example, from Q50.
  • Periodically shows a wrong location and have several times to send request «Where the child» before it comes a real location.
  • Easily press the SOS button, which often come about alerting.
  • When talking for hours, the conversation is audible to others.


Thus, the basic function of communication and control over a child, smart watch Q90 perform. Of course there are disadvantages, but they are insignificant.

Again, took on Aliexpress here. Can recommend 3D night light for the nursery and children’s clipper GL.