Baby urinal for boys in the form of a frog

Chose a urinal in the form of a green frog. The color is bright as pictured. Bought for of 5.91$ on Aliexpress here, in Riga the goods came in 3.5 weeks by regular mail.

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Mount on the suction cups

There are two options for mounting — suction cups for attachment to smooth surfaces (ceramic tile) and a hook to hang on a nail. Came option with a hook, because no tile.

The urinal consists of two major parts. Light green part, in which the child defecating, easily selectable, convenient to pour out and rinse container. Orange the tongue of the frog is spinning, when it hits the jet. Son, this is where it gets interesting and brings joy.


The urinal is quite compact — not take up much space, and even in our small toilet Khrushchev found the place. Consider it a good purchase. Shared the experience with my sister and she purchased the same urinal to his son.

Boys like to use it just strengthens the independence of boys.

What is important to mount it at any convenient height, suitable dvuhletki and a boy aged four years. I bought when my son was a year and a half.

I want to warn you — throw anything on the product not necessary. I dropped out of hands air freshener directly into the frog. Falling from a height of two meters and the hook broke — broke. Once again, took on Aliexpress on this page. From the seller, see feedback and high rating. There are other options in the form of a penguin, Panda and other colors: blue, red, blue, grey.

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Still recommend reusable nappies, not to spend money on expensive disposable diapers now and keep the budget of a young family and a backpack-chipset to transfer the baby. Very much helps out and frees the hands of the mother, for example, in the store.