Baby reusable diapers Mumsbest + ear

I ordered baby reusable diapers Mumsbest for 320 rubles each (5,8$) 07.02.2017, received 01.04.2017 in the town of Stupino, Moscow oblast in the mail. That is, it was almost two months. For me it’s long. The seller wrote once, the answer was the standard, we are all sent, thanks for waiting.Color came as ordered here. The smell of a stranger was not.

In order Aliexpress were two podhouse (summer and winter ), as well as linings (inserts) in them for the price of less than$ 1. In the summer the inside of the mesh, and in winter a soft cloth.

The photo was taken specifically for the site

Vkladyshi also went winter and summer, the difference in price was not large, but came exactly the same . On seller a question what is the difference, the answer I followed.

Inside diaper pockets for padding.

In the model Mumsbest, which I ordered in Aliexpress I, size adjustable buttons. There is Velcro, but I enjoyed the buttons. Now my son is 1 year and 3 months and another in the butt.

The back has elastic,and panties well sit down. Rubbing the skin there. Irritation too.

The quality I expected the outer fabric of the diaper is the type of Mac, not waterproof. The fact was not so. Material from the discharge is not waterproof, but lasts. In fact, perhaps even better, because the mantle tissue ass would be sweating this one out in five minutes mobile game.

The first time I wore it in the evening, thinking the liquid will flow in a toga didn’t even notice as a kid made it. Foreign matter dry. Completely different situation happened when dressed in the morning, after sleep. That’s when it soaked through everything. But, nevertheless, compared with wearing regular panties liquid left inside, the feet is not tech.

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For the retraining to the pot this variant of clothing suits me more because everywhere in the apartment kovralin, and they say that in order to potty train, a child needs to feel the dampness in the normal podhodah this is not, as in conventional panties carpets mind.

How to wash


Wear out easily under the tap. Some wash in the machine Mumsbest don’t see the point. I immediately after removing the wash also hang to dry. Dry quickly, shape does not change.

However, two is not enough to us. I will be ordering more and most likely summer options.

Conclusion and opinion

  • was a long time, but still came;
  • the normal price;
  • only superficially wet under a large volume of liquid;
  • erased easily, dry quickly.

Other stores have seen reusable diapers Mumsbest at the price of reaching 1,000 rubles apiece, maybe there’s some other quality, can’t say did not see, but we were satisfied with our purchase. I bought on Aliexpress a special backpack for carrying baby, Manduca, highly recommended for young parents, a very useful thing!

Buy can here.