Baby monitors Maman VB605

The monitor model VB605 I bought a month ago and have already experienced the pros and minor cons of this product. Took on Aliexpress here on this page.

Set of baby monitors consists of a video camera with a microphone and a remote with a display. Also to go on the charger.

The contents

  1. Pros
  2. Cons
  3. Conclusion and where to buy


Let’s start with the pros of the product…

Well, firstly, this video and good enough, accompanied by sound, that is easy, you can see the baby and hear him.

Second, what I really like about baby monitors is that with the remote you can turn the baby a lullaby, in the structure of their pieces 5 are laid, the melodies are calm, not loud, in General, the ideal in order to put the baby.

There is also a microphone with which you can communicate with the child at a distance, that is, the baby can hear mother’s voice.

Thirdly, in the chamber video baby monitor features a night shot, even at a later time you can safely monitor the baby and not to worry.

Remote VB605 charging holds not bad, that is for the whole day is enough for me, and if you turn on VOX mode, and several. VOX mode — when the console is in sleep mode and is activated only if the child is crying or very active, it is a good energy saving.

On the remote you can set the time, date, temperature is also displayed in the room where the camera is installed.


Now a little about the disadvantages of baby monitors VB605…

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The main is that the camera must always be plugged in, the cord is certainly long, but always on food.

Another one is the distance, in the instructions of the monitors is specified as 50 meters, the apartment communication a well take, from any room quietly watching the baby, but it would be ideal if from the street it would be possible to control the process, but this is my whim.

Well, the last and not significant — is that the sound is broadcast with a delay of about a second, but that sort of nonsense.

The monitor I ordered for $ 40 and chose the shipping from Russia, so literally 3 days after sending the goods I had.

Conclusion and where to buy

In General, never regretted that bought this monitor Maman VB605, now do not need every second to run to the room to the baby, but you can easily watch it through the display console. All suggest, once again, bought it on Aliexpress here.

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