Baby block designer gear 81 detail

Ordered baby from the website Aliexpress block type designer «Gear» — Funny Bricks of the 81 items. In Russia it is sold in children’s stores under the brand «Wild gears» and in a special package, only several times more expensive than the cost in China.

The contents

  1. Where to buy and how much it cost
  2. Kit and control unit
  3. Quality batteries
  4. Opinion
  5. Video

Where to buy and how much it cost

The order is made at the end of October 2018 on Aliexpress here on this page. Now it’s quite a popular game and its value on average was 1000 RUB. To Ali it cost me 480 RUB with free shipping.

Order was shipped immediately on the same day, after the payment of funds. Went to Samara a little more than 3 weeks. Track to track initially. Taken in the Department of Russian Post.

Do not pay extra, just come and pick it up. The designer was packaged in the usual mail order package and «paperco». Cutting the Velcro found 2 small bag in which he lay designer.

Kit and control unit

In the first bag were the basis, the second was the small details from the gears sticks to roundabouts and bears with monkeys. I mean, I sent two packages with the plastic. Neither the Assembly instructions nor the normal packaging wasn’t there.

A gift is not necessary absolutely — without box or packaging must be purchased separately.

Counting items everything was in place, the store was listed 81 detail. All the details were no breakdowns, so no complaints. No smell, smelly Chinese plastic did not smell, if only slightly.

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Quality batteries

Because it is assumed that the designer will deal with small children, the unit under the batteries should be fastened with a bolt, which I found was only a hole from it.

The batteries also need to buy yourself. For the puzzle needed AA batteries («AA»). The designer himself is very similar to the original, but very thin and cheap plastic. The price matches the quality.

Ordered early this constructor, the plastic was much thicker and better than this. So easy it was not to break. The child may bite the item effortlessly.


The designer is quite interesting and entertaining, the idea is very original, but the product is «Chinese». By itself, the constructor is very small, all units and parts are tiny. And the book is better two at once, as one sensible nothing will.

Still, I recommend here on Aliexpress to look at different designers, there are a lot of them really, perhaps You like something else.

Blocks, not curves, are inserted one to one going into the base is easy, fixing hold up well. The gears are mounted, the cubs sit in the seat, motor running, in General, to the Assembly no complaints. Everything turns and runs without crashing.

I can also advise the team of wooden toy «Montessori» — Hedgehog, here’s a review of it. And if Your family has a child, you just need to have a non-contact infrared thermometerthat instantly detects the temperature of the child without contact.