AVATTO G10 — aeromist remote with voice search through the microphone

I own quite old by modern standards Android TV box. Their main function, albeit with some lags or he performs, but the usability is poor, because the native remote has a few buttons and the standard directional pad.

Navigation with this remote is hell. Going to visit a friend, I saw a modern Android TV box, set to remote with aeromist and voice search. I immediately realized that’s exactly what I need!

The contents

  1. Where to order, price
  2. Shipping
  3. Characteristics and quality
  4. Conclusion

Where to order, price

Where to find no doubts, Aliexpress has never let me down in finding the right gadgets. And this time I cheated and used the new feature – search by photos.

Of the suggested me a list of the best remotes I stopped at AVATTO G10 because of free shipping chic rating (4,9 in 1645 reviews) and reasonable prices 7.58 $. Link to the product here.

However, when it came to ordering, it turned out a caveat. It turned out that the cunning seller offers 2 options aeromys, and 7.58 $ is the price of the console without aeromys AVATTO G10, and the full equipment costs 8.76 $. Deciding not to bother because of the dollar difference, I still place your order and don’t regret it even once.


The seller offers 4 delivery options, 2 of which are free: standard Shipping AliExpress and China Post Registered Air Mail.

So how much of a difference between the two options nor the delivery times nor the conditions, I do not see, you chose the first. And again Bingo! Delivery in Ukraine, took 14 days, came the goods by mail, Meest Express, the courier brought home.

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Characteristics and quality

The package came in a standard bubble pack which arrived the remote in the original box.

Externally, aeromist AVATTO G10 is very nice. Comfortable in the hand, matte plastic, pleasant to the touch, non-slip, smooth gaps, no squeaks, no backlash.

Included is a usb adapter type «whistle» at 2.4 GHz. There is a manual in English and Chinese languages, though it’s large it is not necessary, since the buttons are native, and it is clear what functions they perform.

G10 control works from two AAA batteries (not included in the IMU).

Voice search on my old Androad TV Boxing not immediately start, had to install the Google app for Android TV.

Aeromist AVATTO moderately sensitive, gyroscopes and clearly well practiced in all directions. Function IR learning, as it turned out, is also very useful, as I set with her on and off the TV.

In General, all three stated basic functions, namely voice search, aeromist function and IR learning function work on “Cheers.”


Remote with aeromist and voice search AVATTO G10 is very useful and convenient multi-functional gadget, which breathes new life into old devices by extending their functionality and usability. Definitely recommend it for purchase to owners Androad TV boxes.

Let me remind you, aeromist bought on Aliexpress here. See more review on aeromike with a full QWERTY keyboard i8 for consoles, Android and Smart TV and powerful mini PC, EGLOBAL mini.