Aux Bluetooth adapter car

Car Bluetooth Aux adapter (Wireless Car Kit) ordered on Aliexpress here on this page to play media files from your smartphone and receive calls to the internal audio system of the car.

In my opinion a very handy device combines the ability of listening to music and managing your phone, the so-called Handsfree.

The contents

  1. Connection
  2. Features
  3. The quality of sound and MIC


The kit connects via bluetooth and audio cable 3.5 mm. it is necessary to connect the input of the adapter to an automobile outlet or cigarette lighter for power, and audio cable to the Aux connector, then press and hold the play/pause/answer until it starts to blink, then made a pair to your device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) through the search and added to the list.

The manufacturer says that if, for some reason will prompt for a pin code, please input 0000.

To begin listening to music you just have to press the play button on a universal remote, switching between the tracks forward and backward, increase or decrease in volume is associated buttons.

To answer an incoming call by pressing a function key, and to reset call press and hold for two seconds.


As for the specifications, bluetooth version 2.1+EDR, transmission distance of the signal up to 10 meters, the remote is quite compact, with a diameter of 45 mm. at a thickness of 10 mm., input DC 12V a USB port.

The wires from the control panel before entering the long 88 inches, plus an additional audio cable of about 60 cm to Attach the panel in any convenient place using a magnetic holder, which in turn is glued to the two sided tape, important to have enough long wires.

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The quality of sound and MIC

Adapter works well, the connection is stable, sound while talking through the MIC are clean, not fonit.

Panel looks stylish, thanks to its shape and blue indicator buttons. The disadvantages of this device include only a thin audio cable and when you work constantly blinking play button, if your remote control is set high, it is annoying.

Cost me device 733 of the ruble, with free shipping. The package was decently Packed, the box got banged up, came all in one piece in three weeks.

Again, bought the kit in the car here on Aliexpress. Can you recommend a wireless charger Baseus on the front panel and DVR Podofo, which is very well established.