ATWFS — tap with electric water heater

Bought this faucet with a built-in heater on 220 Volts brand ATWFS six months ago. Bought through the app aliexpress here on this page. This is the page of sale of the official representative of the manufacturer ATWFS Ali.

For six months its value has not changed, and remains $24.99 when ordering from China, as well as remained 50% discounts.

The faucet was shipped quickly, the next day, however in tracking long hung «ready to send», but despite this, the parcel arrived very quickly, just three weeks received at a local post office in Minsk.

Quality and Assembly

The crane was dismantled, but there is nothing difficult in the Assembly no, even a child will understand. The form is very solid, despite the fact that the housing is all plastic, except for watering, and a thread for installation of the crane, which bronze toli toli copper.

After connecting the faucet, it was possible to test, and then found its main disadvantages.

  • In the first power consumption meter when you turn on hot water to spin no less than from the kettle.
  • One of the advantages here, the fact that cold water can be of a conventional faucet, regardless of the crane is included in the socket or not.

As a plus it is not strange — the built-in thermometer, the temperature of the water it shows correctly from 27 degrees, and about 10 seconds at low pressure, maximum temperature 52 after about a minute, and this limit, when a large pressure limit of 40 degrees, at least for a couple of minutes it no longer heats up, and there is included a pump pumping water, and the temperature generally begins to fall due to pressure.

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The second minus is the process of heating, the temperature of the water cannot be saved at some point, first is cold water, then goes warmer and warmer, and finally even boiling water.

For example, my hands, you wet them in cold water until lathered, it will become hot, and finally rinse be almost boiling water. Somehow regulation is increasing and decreasing pressure, but it is not very convenient.

One of the advantages is that the lake tap ATWFS is the divider of water, with the result that it pours not a jet, and rain, which is very convenient.


During operation, no trouble caused, functioning normally, with one exception, about a week ago in the housing of the heating element had a crack, I have it captured on photo.

What it didn’t know crane no one hit, just one morning I noticed that she is. The crane work is really not affected, and it still works perfectly.

Buy happy, to give and not only tap ATWFS heater is a great option, now their money. Again, I bought it on Aliexpress here. I recommend touch liquid soap dispenser Xiaomi and shelf organizer for kitchen on the fridge.