ATWFS — ozonizer and air purifier

When a child always think about the fact that the apartment was as cleaner, including the air.

Wanted to buy air purifier and ozone generator air, but only the compact, and in our household appliances stores very often one «Pandora». I went to the Aliexpress website and found what you need here.


Cleaner brand ATWFS is a godsend for me, its dimensions are only 22х10,5x 5 cm ( HxWxD), the power button is located behind a transparent cover.


Connected to the cleaner Euro plug and immediately starts flashing the bulb, the cord is about 1 m (voltage 110-240 volts). Green button put the efficiency of purification (6N,8N, etc.), the orange button is a time of cleaning (Photo 2).

First put everything on max – 12N, 30 minutes to thoroughly clean the room is 14 m2, in General, the maximum range of the purification of 30m2.

From the grid of the device ATWFS leaves a persistent smell of ozone, but it quickly disappears.

She cleaned the room like they do in our hospitals – close all Windows and the door, set the desired time and mode after all open and ventilate!

A great thing, especially if someone is sick – you need to clean, because it kills all the germs.

The delivery was from Russia and only took some 5 days on the 5th day the courier delivered to the house. Bought for 1142 of the ruble. Again, bought on Aliexpress on this page. There’s a huge amount of sales and positive reviews. It is understandable, it is the official representative of the manufacturer.

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Also, highly recommend the kit to take ultrasonic humidifier with screen Alanchi. Of course it needs to include at the beginning of heating or the use of their heaters. Reduces the likelihood of diseases in the autumn and winter times!