Apparatus for making sushi at home

The whole family love to eat and cook sushi. Always wanted to do it faster. Began to think about purchasing a device for their preparation. Stayed on the fact that I decided to purchase a convenient accessory device for sushi Aliexpress.

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Where to buy

Looking at Ali machine for sushi found a variant of the device at a low price. The search was not long in coming, found a good supplier with good reviews and a large clear description here on this page.

Photos of the device like. In delivery, it was stated: more than a month. Order issued quickly. Was sent to the tracker. In the end the delivery took 3 weeks. Ordered through Express delivery. Cost only 1,500 rubles.

You can find the device cheaper, but we made a bet on quality and not lost.

Included was the unit itself and manual. We didn’t take it, no it was all clear. Ordered black but received dark blue.

Of course, it was different, but apparently stock is messed up or color mismatch the products that are available. In any case, it was a little weird, but the product itself was in good condition — we are all arranged.

The quality and use of

The product itself was delivered in accordance with the description, photos. To cook with this machine was several times faster.

Very easy to use. Did sushi just over an hour for a large company.

Very easy task, since the mechanism would lay the Foundation, convenient and quick to wrap, no the ingredients do not fall out.

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Used the machine for sushi a few months, after I ordered a new one because the mechanism eventually ceases quickly and conveniently wrapped. But overall it’s not a problem, as the reviews of other customers it was also indicated that we understood it perfectly. You can immediately order 2-3 units of the apparatus.

The seller on Aliexpress is good, answers all questions, leaving a link to it. When re-ordering chose usual delivery by Mail of Russia to Smolensk. The order came for 5 weeks, the customer for this reason did not write, because they were confident in a quick delivery.

Still I can recommend a set of Timhome ceramic knife set with peeler and silicone Mat to roll the dough.