Apparatus for CPAP therapy

After contacting the doctor found out that I have frequent stopping of breathing during sleep.

Specialist gave the home a trial CPAP machine for sleeping and during the week it was recorded data on the frequency and depth of breathing. On the strong recommendation of doctor sleep purchased specialized equipment, healing my problem.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality
  3. Managing and configuring
  4. Conclusion
  5. Video

Where to buy

Since the original CPAP devices are of the order of 50-100 thousand rubles, I had no choice but to look to Chinese equipment.

Went to the online store of Aliexpress and was looking for a budget option that you can buy. Saw the product from this seller, waited for action on the device Doctodd and got it for 17 845 rubles 35 kopecks.

Other sellers price at the time was higher at 3-5 thousand. The package was shipped fairly quickly. Ordered 5 June, and 16 June, the courier will deliver the goods to your home.

The packaging was robust: post a black bag, cardboard box and inside bag with the apparatus. Included with the machine was the power cord, replacement filters, hose.

The mask was not bought in addition later on the same Aliexpress, here is a review on the mask.


The device is of good quality, made of durable plastic. Build quality: no creaks, no wobbles. Bag made of thick nylon and foam rubber, with a convenient adjustable strap.

In the center of the Cabinet there is a gray plastic handle with which you can move it from place to place. RESmart CPAP – smart appliances for the home therapy and prevention of sleep apnea and other disorders of the cardiovascular system during sleep.

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Managing and configuring

LCD display with soft backlight allows you to control the settings in the dark, the control buttons are also highlighted.

Operating pressure range 4-20cm. Exposed pressure either by a doctor or according to documented research individual patient.

When you use the camera no problem, he is turned on and off independently in the event of donning and removing the mask. All readings are recorded on a removable USB flash drive, which then can be attributed to the doctor and to see the dynamics of treatment.

Delete or search data on Doctodd can be done easily via your home computer using iCode functions.

5 mechanical buttons on the case enable the individual settings and make the treatment more effective by reducing or increasing the pressure, exposure time range, etc.

The water tank consists of a plastic housing and a metal circuit Board that heats up during operation of the machine. There is a division, showing to what maximum level you can fill the reservoir.

The most important thing when filling to avoid getting water inside the housing, otherwise the built-in card will burn. While moving, the tank must be free of water and dry, otherwise it will fail. Water should pour or bottled or distilled, so could not stay in the formed scale.


Fulfilling the requirements of the user by Doctodd and carefully referring to this product you can prolong the lifespan of CPAP. The apparatus is able to extend and even save lives, because many deaths occur because of respiratory arrest during sleep.

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Again, bought on Aliexpress here.