ANSELF summer dress is made of chiffon, this boho-chic

In the coming summer sun, when the thermometer threatens to step over the line of 40 degrees, it is important to know how to protect themselves from the sweltering heat and through it in total comfort.

Dazzling white: or as sale on Aliexpress gave me a perfect dress for a hot season. Long live the boho-chic! Bought it on Ali here.

Girls and pregnant women who want to look fresh and cheerful for a small cost, with the answer — this chiffon dress is Your lifeline.

Here a number of certain advantages, which caught my attention when choosing:

  1. Breathable, «not hot» material with good hygroscopicity (ability to remove moisture).
    The weightless and floating in the air the materials for me is a high – quality silk and chiffon. Here he is with the addition of polyester, making the structure more durable and unpretentious to the summer season.The seller assures that the presence of synthetic fibers in the chiffon is not more than 40% and I believe him: fabric drape well, falls in beautiful folds-waves, hygroscopic, breathable, doesn’t cause static electricity and unpleasant sensations on the skin. The latter is especially important because I’m running allergic. Many goods Chinese quality I the.
  2. Beautiful, solar-reflecting fabric colour. Shop ANSELF there are three color options: black, deep red and dazzling white.I decided on the latter, as I consider it the most organic and appropriate for the summer season. Besides, to overestimate its expression impossible. Dress in classic white, in contrast to his beautiful dark sister Little Black Dress, has always been associated with purity and freshness. What you need in the sweltering +40!A nice bonus: the dark-skinned girls this color is very contrasting beautifully highlights the skin.
  3. Simple, loose fit chiffon.Despite the fact that the photo of the seller, the length is much shorter, here a complete victory: the growth of 174 cm the length of the hem just above the knee. This is exactly what I wanted, although took a size S. the Dress outlines the figure only partially, focusing on the waist, but freely facilitates in other zones. Thanks to the corset with lace-up you can visually correct shape and the correct accents. For example, to adjust the depth of the V-shaped neckline and waist.Dress becomes universal like Busty ladies, and for the more subtle, fragile girls. And free, flying cut and extra long bell sleeves do not cause discomfort in the movements even on the hottest day;
  4. Timeless, classic (but not without raisins!) style of boho-chic.Many famous designers are predicting that for the next two years the fashion will capture the retro style of the 60’s and boho chic. The most memorable and popular one is «boho». Honestly, I heart fan.This is an original and insanely multi-faceted style, it has something ethnic, Gypsy and, at the same time, vintage. In boho chic everyone will find something of their own. I’ve found a chiffon dress and a thousand of its applications
  5. The possible combinations of boho-chic in color and texture with other items of clothing.This is the basic thing that can be interesting and without unnecessary design. But if you want to, you flight of fancy you can arrange and not to stop. Hats, appliques, silk robes, shawls, embroidery, knitted bags, belts, jewelry — available all over welcome, white all endure.Will look great with a stylish wicker purse rattan, light shoes with oxfords and loafers summer mesh;
  6. The versatility of socks and high wear resistance.I wore it to the film festival, to the sea, on a picnic, to the store and to the vet. It is truly universal, perfectly resistant to everyday washing and does not require delicate handling;
  7. The quality chiffon at low budget cost.Flat seams, threads do not spread the paste on the corset solid and finished, neatly hidden zipper, the fabric does not Shine through lingerie and looks expensive. As such, the price fulfills completely.
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By the way, bought a dress from the chiffon of the brand ANSELF per day total sales in honor of the birthday of Ali for just 800 rubles with free shipping ePacket to Krasnodar. The seller warned of a possible delay due to the amount of orders, but was sent on time.

Within 15 days after sending the parcel I took from a compartment in his mail safely. No stains, smoke and foreign odor was not present. Commendable speed and diligence. Pleased with the purchase of 5 of 5!

PS the Reviews of real people at the time of order was not, the order was made blindly. Now the situation is completely different. A dozen other girls share my love for this summer treasure. Attach a link to dress ANSELF style boho chic on Aliexpress. Come, read.