Annular Led lamp Yingnuost

Ordered white ring LED lamp-size 26 cm on Aliexpress at the official representative of the brand Yingnuost here. Price 1 382,56 rubles. Perfect for make-up, photography and other areas of use.

Shipping is quite fast, less than a month. After receiving in the mail the lamp was securely Packed ( in two cartons and package). After opening the parcel no damage detected.

Available have a lamp cord that connects to the plug via USB. Power 10 Watt, color — 5500K (can choose different), 120 led type LED.

In the center of the lamp is a phone holder that is adjustable to any size. During the operation very convenient.

Also the holder can be adjusted in different directions, down and up. The lamp that I ordered, unfortunately, has no tripod. But at the bottom adjustable hole to him.

The tripod I ordered separately. He has not yet made. On the cord of the lamp is the remote turn on and switch through the three light modes (cold,warm, or fluorescent), and also possible to increase the light and decrease.

Try the bulb in, turn out very high quality images in all light modes.

Again, bought on Aliexpress on this page, the official Yingnuost. I recommend to take it to the, otherwise you can get a fake. Photographers can recommend another tripod-a tripod Yunteng and the stabilizer of X-Cam specifically for smartphones.


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