Amplifier splitter TV signal TCXRE

It is no secret that in our time television has ceased to be a luxury and often we have in our apartments (houses) may not be present in a single copy. TV required TV source, whether TV aerial or antenna input pad in the apartment.

Once TV becomes more than one, it is necessary to solve the problem of dividing a television signal from one source to multiple TVs.

The task is solved by installing splitters (dividers signal) 2-6 TV receivers. The division of the signal is not lossless, and every meter of cable television has a loss in a sine wave, respectively, the longer the cable the weaker the signal at the output, up to 20 Db at 100 meters.

Most correctly it is possible to make by purchasing on Aliexpress active, with built-in amplifier, splitter.

Where to buy

In my case, it was purchased brand TCXRE on Aliexpress here for 673 rubles channel 4 (TV 4) divider with gain adjustment (TV equipment 20DB 45 MHz ~ 880 MHz).

Surprised the time of delivery to Omsk. 5.03.2019 G. paid 18.03.2019 were already in the mail.

This is my second divider TCXRE, I bought a friend first purchased a year ago, working perfectly till today no complaints I have no objections. Can say its a good dynamic range over all the time for not «scored» by any hindrance.


Because I’m an engineer, it was decided to open the lid of the splitter amplifier to TV and look at inside the device. Just want to note — the case is solidly made from aluminum alloy.

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We see the circuit Board with transformer power supply and amplifier on a single transistor with a consequent division of the signal on channel 4, also on Board mounted potentiometer gain control .

In my opinion, the transformer power unit of the amplifier is more reliable than pulse, which is a plus of this amp. Moreover, this unit unlike the pulse does not bring in additional television signal (intermodulation) interference, and anotherstory scheme has good dynamic range at the required gain level TV

The quality of the soldering TV splitter — Chinese, but the work is not affected. I recommend to purchase.

P. S. When choosing the place of installation install the splitter as close to the source. Again, bought this splitter and booster here on this page Aliexpress.

I recommend the console for digital TV, if your TV does not support this modern Protocol.