Aluminum folding table with fan for laptop

In connection with moving from the computer, I had to stop to buy a laptop. Home work a lot, sit behind a Desk for hours at a time is hard and not very comfortable.

A laptop tends to heat up wherever possible, if you put it on a soft surface. And it is not always convenient to work with the mouse – sometimes it just has nowhere to go.

So I started to look for a table and stand to cool.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality
  3. Ease of use
  4. Fixing the laptop
  5. Mouse
  6. The position and fixing
  7. Opinion
  8. Video

Where to buy

With Aliexpress’ve been friends for a long time and the first thing, of course I looked there. The options were many, but one table brand LEHUOSHIGUANG especially caught my attention – on the reverse side it is attached to the fan — cooler.

Ordered to celebrate, especially without reading the reviews, because the combination of table and cooling seemed like the perfect option. Chose here on this page Aliexpress. Orders he had at that moment was about 500, a rating close to 5. By the way, price is also a pleasant surprise: $ 30 for either option. And there are only 6:

  • Black with one big fan;
  • Pink with one large cooler;
  • Blue with one big cooler;
  • Black with two small fans;
  • Pink with two little coolers;
  • Black with two small coolers a slightly different design.

I stopped at the first option. It seemed to me the most harmonious, and one big cooler looked somehow more impressive than the two small.

With delivery problems were not. In Ivanovo came 10 days service Seller’s Shipping Method. The warehouse is located in Moscow, along the way the parcel is tracked by track number. Seller did not communicate, was not needed. But the rating is good, a greater percentage of reviews are positive, as in the table.

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Packaging firms LEHUOSHIGUANG pretty good. Sturdy cardboard carton with two sides foam, the table itself is wrapped in the package. Although the box is a little creased, no chips, scratchy, scuffs, loose parts found.

As a new product, nothing to complain about. Complete the table, stand under his arm with a rubber pad on the side, screw mount for it also with seal from scuffs, two additional clips for a more secure fit laptop protection from slipping, and instructions. The presence of the user is pleased, because the table has quite a lot of options of fixation, and in the instructions shows the most convenient one.

Even while waiting for the parcel I started to fear that the table will not hold the weight of my laptop. It is quite heavy (about 3 kg), with a diagonal of 15.6 inches. But my doubts were in vain. The table does not bend, does not crack and did not give any hints that it would be hard. Speaking of dimensions:

  • Weight just over one kilogram.
  • Dimensions table top: 42 26cm.
  • The size of the stand for the mouse: 16 to 18cm.
  • Material: aluminum alloy.

Ease of use

Fixing the laptop

My laptop comes on an aluminum table LEHUOSHIGUANG like a glove. Additional clips for fixing be useful if the table is the most interesting and unusual positions. Otherwise, he won’t slip. But I still have them attached, for greater security and to breathe calmly.


Stand for the mouse attached to the screw and goes back and forth for convenience. But I thought she was too small and not too comfortable (although someone has like). And ergonomic vertical mouse it has the ability to fly, suggest to put on top of a special Mat.

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The position and fixing

Now for the items table.

A lot of crazy positions, and if desired, you can configure the table the way you want. There are three buttons on each side, allowing each part of each leg to be locked in any position at any degree (spinning at 360).

In order to do this, you need to press the button and hold it in pressed down state, to move the leg until it clicks into the desired position.

Described in the instruction (degrees and patterns), the most possible and the most convenient positions. And it’s actually incredibly cool! The table had been with me everywhere: it can be put on the bed and on the floor and on the sofa, to accomodate and adjust angles and height to perfectly suit your needs.


Aluminum table becomes a real godsend for those who spend much time working at the computer. Play with the mouse, of course, not especially comfortable, but for work where you need a lot of typing or working, for example with a tablet, the table becomes indispensable.

A little bit about the second reason for purchasing this table, namely the fan, which is attached to the rear.

He is really large (19 cm in diameter). The air goes through the x-shaped round hole in the table, connects to the laptop using the USB cable that you can wrap around the water cooler and fix the special mounts when not in use.

Cools well, air pressure is decent. The degree is not checked, but the laptop, working with Lightroom and photoshop at the same time, not raging, remaining in good condition. Operates almost silently, coolers on a laptop hear are much stronger.

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The table receives from me five stars and definitely recommended purchase. A thing very convenient, necessary, practical, inexpensive and contributes to a comfortable work and, as consequence, good mood. Once again, I bought this aluminum laptop table on Aliexpress in here.

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