All about Xeon CPU socket LGA 2011 with Ali

Intel XEON socket LGA2011 massively flooded the Chinese market after working in powerful data centers and the servers of companies.

The outdated power for huge server requirements are just outrageous dreams for many home users and gamers. That is why they are happy at the bargain prices buy now regular users in many countries.

With the help of Huanan motherboard or even the motherboard 775 after small alterations, you can deploy a PC is not worse than the last expensive Intel i7 of the eighth generation, RYZEN, COFFEE LAKE, and the like.

Xeon distinguished by a large number of cores and threads, how to use a gigantic number of RAM, so they are not afraid to view the latest demanding games at max settings and a variety of demanding program.

At the same time, the price is more than reasonable. However, many in the sale is pre-owned. BUT… BUT what will they do? It’s just a cool chip inside and nothing to wash, not spinning and not scratched like in the HDD, for example.

Now on Aliexpress you can buy as a separate «stone», and in the configuration with the individual components, up to a full PC, but without the case. A lot of offers, thousands of them!

All the options and prices you can watch here at this link. And below I will give an overview of the most interesting models of the Xeon processor for LGA2011.

The contents

  1. It is important to know!
  2. E5-2670
  3. E5-2680
  4. 2670v2 and 2680v2
  5. Performance in the tests
  6. Motherboard X79 for them and where to buy everything
  7. Video
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It is important to know!

Some important nuances:

  • No built-in graphics module, so video card is needed in any case, even if it is an office version PC;
  • Table (desktop) machines support only 2-channel of RAM, the same 4. thus, it can be both standard DDR3 and server options, which besides for less;
  • The first number in the model indicates whether a specific model to work «Solo» or «Duo». Ie supports two CPU on the same motherboard or not.

Next, let’s go over the most interesting representatives of Xeon processors for the workhorse and gaming options for games.


Has 6 cores and 12 threads, clock speed is 2.6 GHz, cache 20 MB, and TDP: 115. Technology 32 nm, DDR3 1600MHz.

There are different revisions and it is better to take 2670V2, but if not going to overclock, then C1 and C2 will also be normal variants. Although, someone said on the forums that it has some bugs, but to find them often can’t.


There are already 10 cores and 20 threads! But the frequency is not much larger than the previous — 2.8 GHz, 25 MB cache, and DDR3 1866 Mhz already.

But the price is still very high, most likely because of the very applicability of the servers. I hope that they will change there in 2019-2020 and throw the data used massively on the market.

2670v2 and 2680v2

Very similar to its predecessors, about which we spoke above, but they have added 2 cores and 4 threads each, but it 2670v2 lost in frequency was 2.5 GHz.

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Performance in the tests

Below, the performance of different Xeon CPU according to the program PassMark. You can click the picture to zoom in on the screen.

On a special page of the developer of the utility you can see the latest data.


Motherboard X79 for them and where to buy everything

Motherboard under Kseon (or Zeon?) need token X79. The most popular maker now available is Huanan. See here a full overview of the most interesting models and videos to it.

And buy all you can on good old Aliexpress here. You can buy as a separate «stone», and in Assembly with the motherboard, or do one need, only without housing.