Alibonus — what kind of animal

Don’t like to write bad reviews, especially when there is no 100 percent certainty of impropriety resource, but to my friends I trust more than various reviews online, and therefore decided to post this entry and wait information in the comments.

So, my old friend I have know and generally trust him as myself, recently announced interesting news… there are supposedly a cash back service on the Internet which returns from purchases more than others and called it AliBonus (not specifically give the link just below to learn why).

I’m always suspicious of sites that offer too high interest rates, but there did not offer «Golden mountains», but still a little more than elsewhere. It was worth a try.

The contents

  1. Purchase history
  2. Reviews
  3. Summary: a Divorce and a Scam?
  4. The results of the testing service

Purchase history

My faithful buddy wanted to upgrade your phone, and then just Ali new year’s sale with the necessary model at a reduced price — what is not a reason to check out the new resource? It is done!

The choice fell on the phone the Xiaomi Redmi 4, but this is not so important. Previously, he already did a lot of orders on Aliexpress and have always received a refund of money on purchases by using the sites EPN and Backly, so the skill in this area was quite large. Of course, a special separate browser without the plug-ins and order in one session — all of it was used (read more here).

The order came in about a month, the product fully matched the description and my friend has confirmed receipt in the account. But what was his surprise when neither on this day nor on the following cashback was not credited.

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Asked a friend to take a screenshot of the order:

Communication support Alibonus nor to no avail — standard answers like «Enabled ad block», «is Not correctly passed by reference», «Not activated plugin», etc etc … It would have made those answers, if he were not an experienced buyer.

By the way, for purity of experiment I will soon make an order through this Libanus — the results will be reported.


I’m not the first day I use the Internet, and I can say: the reviews online to be trusted with some level of distrust. Positive feedback easily and cheaply bought by the owners of the resources, and the negative — their competitors.

But still there is a possibility to distinguish with accuracy of approximately 80% of the real reviews of the purchase (stranded). Honest reviews from real users are written in a more informative, often with some degree of emotion. In addition, many resources and reviews you can view the statistics of accounts, leaving their people — this is very useful information.

In General, I decided to do some digging in the world wide web… and look what I found (images are clickable):

As you can see, testimonials are taken from different sites. But such simple positive feedback most likely bought on the exchanges, which pay a few cents per one suggestion, I personally do not believe in their honesty:



Another embarrassing moment

On the home page of Libanus meets us here this label:

Please note clearly stated: «the biggest cashback — 10%». They attract new visitors, which may start to glow my eyes from this percentage. However, it is necessary to go further, suddenly turns:

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Already not exactly 10% and up TO 10%. In fact, after registration, will be only 7%, and to achieve a rate of ten percent, you need to make very large volume purchases that hardly anyone will do.

Summary: a Divorce and a Scam?

Honestly, I don’t know! Check out first myself… Pure experiment: first make a purchase in small amounts (1-3$) and if she will make a larger order (100$), I’d like to check them for honesty. Anyway, make orders on Aliexpress constantly. Naturally, the owners of this to know about me and about this test, do not.

If you suddenly find that they enroll, cashback and pay it on time, I will apologize on this page, put a link and I’ll tell everyone about the wonderful service. Otherwise, my guesses will be correct.

I did not want to say that Libanus is a Scam and they deliberately do not account for expensive orders it is possible (in the case of my friend) had a glitch in their software. But we, as ordinary end-users what the difference is, for whatever reason, we have not received funds in consequence of fraud or of improper quality. The money is not received!

The results of the testing service

While in the process… If you see this text, so my check is still not over.