AirPods wireless headphones TWS i11

Ordered wireless headphones, fashionable they are called AirPods TWS model i11. I really wanted to try headphones in and as I don’t have the original I have nothing to compare, but I think that this model is not much inferior to the original.

I ordered for 6.57$ here on this page Aliexpress in Ukraine, the parcel came within 1 week of new mail, I was pleasantly surprised,because not so fast when not received ,any goods in a mega short time. Also Packed on 5+ nothing was damaged, came in safe and sound.

TWS i11 are very easy to use, simply hold down the two buttons on the right and on the left earphone and then connect to the phone via Bluetooth,ready. Very long hold charge with the active use and fast charging, the only thing I noticed, the phone has become faster discharge when constantly enabled Bluetooth.

Yet there is one drawback, they drop from the ears, that is, only need to lie down and not move otherwise your headphones will roll on the floor like I was on the first day, immediately after receiving the parcel, the earphone broke in two,but luckily I was so strong all the wiring that is not what torn and I successfully put it back, this is another plus to it,perhaps my ears are too small and it only at me such problem, but the fact is the fact,as they say.

The seller I spoke, this was not not necessary, but I think if there were any questions he responded quickly to them.

Can freely recommend you AirPods 11i ,if you can’t afford the original, then it is a reliable substitute for it. Again, bought on Aliexpress here. See also the overview of the model i12 AirPods.

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