Aeromist VONTAR G10 Air in the form of a remote control

I want to share with you the review about aeromys VONTAR G10. Need remote control for TV box for Android.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Appearance
  3. In the work
  4. Video

Where to buy

Wanted to try the remote with gyro. The word says that in Russia aeromys not so easy to purchase in the popular online electronics stores I simply have not found.

So my choice fell on Aliexpress. Chose the criteria: positive feedback plus fast shipping. By the way, if you do not hurry, you can choose shipping from China, not from Russia and shipping will be free.

Found model Ari mouse VONTAR G10 here on this page.


We now turn to a direct description of the product. Delivered really quickly, 12 days in Tennessee. Brought home by courier. It was Packed in the usual cardboard box, with a few bruises, but remote intact.

Appearance on a solid top five, looks great, good build quality, no gaps, no distortions were noticed. The remote is powered from two batteries of format AAA long enough. Put the cheapest batteries, took 2.5 months from the date of purchase, a hint of dead batteries yet.

In the work

With Android the console the remote works perfectly. The only bug is happened when you connect: my console two USB inputs, one built directly into the console, the second is derived on the cable separately.

When I inserted the receiver in the entrance, which is directly on the console, she began to warm up and slow down. At first I was upset, decided that the remote is incompatible, but then put in the external port and give it one star.

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The gyro works quickly, does not slow down quite fast to type, so if you take the remote is not in order to write novels, then to overpay for a keyboard is not necessarily.

There is a button for voice typing, but she never learned. Not working or I incorrectly use it. If anyone knows how to activate it, teach.

The mouse works in two modes: as a normal remote and aeromys.

The gyro is activated via a special button. Also, the remote VONTAR G10 can operate in two modes simultaneously, but in this case, the priority goes to the gyro (for example, open the file on which the cursor is directed and not the highlighted one).

The whole thing is quite interesting, buying happy as an elephant. This thing is definitely better remote keyboard with touchpad. Again, bought on Aliexpress here.

I can also recommend a joystick game a La SEGA USB company Overfly and wireless gamepad iPega.