Aeromist i8 for Android and Smart TV

Bought the keyboard aeromist for$ 8 on Aliexpress herefrom China in Sevastopol reached in 20 days, went by the Post of Russia. Was packaged in a normal small box (without identifying characteristics) and pupyrchatoy film.

Took her to connect to the projector instead of the remote (have to use now TV with the Android operating system, can be used for a Windows PC). However, the greatest popularity they got when using with Smart TVs and TV set-top boxes on the Android OS. For example, Xiaomi MI TV BOX and the legendary Eachlink H6 mini.

The contents

  1. Convenience
  2. Hot keys and control
  3. More
  4. Conclusion


Included also were instructions for use in English. Compact (fits in your palm), light plastic, does not slip in your hands.

Front panel — soft touch. The buttons are rubberized. Operates from 2x AAA batteries (minimalicious). At the top is the ON/OFF switch. If you constantly use it and it is enabled — it runs out quickly.

Long understood how to configure it Russian language or to put it in the settings switch from English to Russian. But hardly understood.

Keyboard combines the conventional keyboard, touchpad like on a laptop and button on a conventional mouse.

Hot keys and control

There is a touchpad instead of a mouse, very convenient. It immediately and drawn how to use (constantly confused and forget how to scroll, or to open the context menu with the right mouse button).

  • To choose something, left mouse click — tap with one finger.
  • Scroll wheel — two-touch with TWO fingers and without taking his fingers to hold up or down.
  • Right click mouse -tap with THREE fingers.
  • Well, all this is drawn on the touchpad for the reminder. There are some keys Left mouse button and Right button.
  • Useful when watching a movie or any other video, there is a key increase/decrease volume, scroll forward and backward, pause and play.
  • Separately derived Home button, Search, Internet, Mouse, mute, Mail, Player.
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  • There are battery charge indicators;
  • Has input for USB (if you use rechargeable batteries then you can charge them directly through the keyboard);
  • In the battery compartment there is a small razumchik for the Bluetooth receiver. Very handy if you don’t use a keyboard, it can be there to hide, not to lose (although we have managed twice to lose it, then I do not know what to do with this keyboard).
  • All keys are like on a conventional keyboard.


The look and feel fragile but has survived many drops (a couple of times the child threw yet), but the keyboard is alive, running (just a little began to crackled around the edges).

Good product for the money. Again, bought this aeromist on Aliexpress here. I can advise right for her to take AAA batteries ZNTER firmsthat can charge from a normal USB without additional memory.