AEKU i5 plus — phone or smart watch?

After a recent review on the awesome phone-spinner from the SERVO , I thought that now I can not surprise in this segment. But the guys from Aeku could!

So, AEKU i5 plus is a hybrid smart watch and phone. Overall, this is a true smartphone and even tablet?

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. The quality and appearance
  3. OS and strap
  4. The pros and cons
  5. Conclusion
  6. Video

Where to buy

We bought on Aliexpress here. At the time of purchase was worth $ 55, depending on configuration and color. Comes in three colors: white, black and Golden. We chose classic black, fans of Apple technology is likely to appeal to white. By the way, looks very similar to the Apple Watch.

Slightly bigger than a matchbox, this device has a hand strap which is easily removed and can be put in your pocket using as a normal smartphone.

The quality and appearance

In icons it resembles an Apple device:

There are Russian and English.

What he knows:

  • To call, receive calls and SMS;
  • To measure heart rate, steps, distance;
  • The tracking of sleep cycles, gentle awakening alarm clock during «slow wave sleep»;
  • Integrated camera HD 720p quality for open or covert filming, audio recorder
  • The screen is 2.2 inches as much as what is immediately hard to believe. The fact that a complete lack of framework on the sides makes it visually much less;
  • Battery capacity 500 mAh.

So, to watch movies, videos, music, etc. For music lovers, or listening to music during exercise has a Bluetoth support. Maximum memory card capacity of 32 GB, while free private memory is almost there.

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OS and strap

The operating system is something of a simplified Android. Despite its Chinese origin, is not buggy and works quite briskly. That’s what really frustrating is screen 240*320, true, and size is not so big, but I would like more.

The strap is the standard plastic for smartbrief, you can buy a spare, personally we the seller before sending asked to send Lee a couple of spare in the kit, after our agreement, he was issued a new account for 4$ and the package was really a couple of bracelets in store. But they can also be ordered separately.

The pros and cons


  • Two in one: can be used as a smart watch wristband and smartphone, but the latest version is not only for demanding users;
  • Pretty high quality the sound of conversation and music;
  • The ability to use as a voice recorder and even a hidden camera. Though noteworthy, but now many have become accustomed to this type of devices after the appearance of the Apple Watch and other «smart» wrist watch. Worth noting: does not fall under the category of «prohibited» spy stuff;
  • Price. In comparison with the same Apple gadgets price is very low. And cheap spare straps.


  • Screen with very low resolution. Although, due to the smoothing to work with them quite comfortably and not immediately evident;
  • Almost no internal memory, you need insert micro SD card;
  • A small amount of battery. Under normal use will last for a day, very active — not enough on the day.


Overall, AEKU i5 plus a good replacement for the Apple Watch, if you really want yourself a «toy», but finances do not allow. The price tag is quite low, functions as the bracelet is missing, but as the device is — it is doubtful that serious games do not play, and in social.networks is not convenient to use. At the same time, call, record videos, photos, record audio, listen to the music — it all works fine and is stable!

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Again, bought on Aliexpress here. If the link does not open, look for themselves via search Ali full name of the model.


Sorry, the video is not in Russian, but we didn’t, and found in YouTube only this: from unpacking to Assembly and include: