Action camera Xiaomi Yi and the graphics for it

Today I want to talk about the experience with the compact action camera Action Camera Sport Yi from the Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi.

Let’s start with the Preface. I love extreme sports – downhill skiing, snowboarding, even surfing, and run my blog, where sometimes you want to share photos and videos about my Hobbies.

To do it on a smartphone is extremely inconvenient and dangerous, so I was thinking about buying a compact action camera. I think all I know and ever heard about Go Pro camera, which has become a pioneer in the field of compact cameras for extreme sports, but its price bites, and the quality is not the best.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Packaging equipment
  3. Quality
  4. Application and management
  5. Battery
  6. Video

Where to buy

That’s why I chose Xiaomi. She better characteristics than the equivalent Go Pro and cheaper by 50-70%. To take I decided on AliExpress.

Found in the authorized store Xiaomi here on this page at the price of 3600 rubles. Shipping was free and package came in the mail after 28 days.

Packaging equipment

The action camera is Packed in a cardboard box, branded for early technology Xiaomi, only instead of inscription MI logo to the subsidiary brand, which released this product -Xiaomi YI.

As soon as I opened the box, I was disappointed.

I ordered the device is white, and the seller sent Yellow-green. For me it was disappointing, but not critical, so I scored it.

In addition to the camera, the kit was a battery from the camera, the cable for recharging and instruction in Chinese.

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For the extra money you could order accessories: portable tripod, extra battery and charger, waterproof cover, but I bought a cover with protection against water (model) separately from another seller on Aliexpress here.


Now read more about action camera Xiaomi… it has a sensor from Sony 16 mega pixels and a viewing angle of 155 degrees (which is really a lot and allows you to take very wide pictures).

Able to record video at a maximum rate of 60 frames per second and a resolution of 1080. 4K or slow motion mode the camera does not support. It has no screen and all control settings can be found in the corporate application Yi Action Cam that should be installed from the application store on your smartphone.

Application and management

The app is free and in Russian. Xiaomi Yi connects to your smartphone via Wi-Fi, this side there is a special button.

In this application, you can configure the recording quality, frame rate and real-time recording. That takes this action camera can be seen on the smartphone screen in real time.

It is very convenient, for example, you roll on a snowboard with a camera on his head and your friend’s next smartphone sets a record on. Also start recording using the buttons on the camera Yi.

Also there is a button to switch photo/video modes. Photos and videos recorded on the memory card size microSD, supports cards up to 1 terabyte. Without inserting a memory card action camera Xiaomi recording video will not.

In addition to buttons to enable, toggle photo/video mode and enable Wi-Fi when connected to the smartphone in the housing of the camera has a thread for tripod or accessories two compartments: one for the battery, under the second cover hides the connector for a microSD card, micro HDMI for connection to external screen and microUSB for charging.

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Now about autonomy. Inside a battery is installed on the 990 milliampere hour. This will be enough for 1.5-2 hours of video recording (if shooting in high definition or during shaking, the operation time will be reduced to 40-80 minutes).

If Xiaomi Yi also connected to the smartphone, the operating time will be reduced by 30-40%. The battery level can be found in the Appendix.

A few words about the video quality and sound. Action the camera takes really clear video high quality, and wide angle camera allows you to fit more in the frame. But she has a little problem with the sound. He is quiet but quite perceive.

A few words about the waterproof case. It is quite expensive – 400 rubles, but it’s worth to buy, if you’re shooting winter sports or swimming. With it the camera doesn’t get wet in the water.

Overall, this is a great solution for people who love sports, or shoot blogs, because it is lightweight, compact and allows you to take clear pictures and high quality video. Again, bought on Aliexpress here.

Also recommend smart watch for sport and fitness Diggro Di10 with Bluetoth.