Action camera Eken h9 Ultra HD 4k

I bought action camera eken h9 for 3000 rubles on Aliexpress hereis the price was the minimum set. But even with this minimal set I have a lot of mounts that I never used and probably will not use ever.

The contents

  1. Battery
  2. Video quality
  3. Immersion in water
  4. Video


Eken H9 has a battery of 3.7 volts, 1050 mAh. Charging from a normal usb charging. Charging while shooting video with a resolution of 1920×1080 and 30 frames per second with confidence enough for a full hour.

Video quality

Though she has different options for shooting video, but it is the option of 1920×1080 and 30 frames per second is the best, the picture is just super, but the sound is recorded badly. The sound is quiet, subdued.

With the installation of 60 frames per second the camera can spontaneously hang, and modes with a lower resolution just aren’t good because of the quality of the pictures.

Is the so-called options on the 2.7 K and 4K, but it is also useless modes. For these modes, the camera can hang at any time. At Eken there is a small screen on which you can watch the captured video with sound.

About the photo mode in the model H9 will not be a lot to paint, I can only say that takes the picture is good and there is a mode of interval shooting.

For those who do not know what it is, is the mode in which the camera takes the photo after a certain period of time.

In this mode, you can remove the processes that happen slowly, such as the blossoming of a flower. In the future you combine these pictures in a video series and you get a beautiful video of a flower blooming (time lapse).

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Immersion in water

Thanks to model has the ability to shoot photos and video underwater to a depth of 30 m. Personally I would lower Eken Ultra to a depth of 15 m. the Camera survived, leakage were not.

Use a camera for winter fishing, is lowered into the hole and remove the fish. If you are going to do as well as I, be sure to grab the goods, because the camera itself does not sink.

Eken from the H9 Ultra HD 4k WI FI, but through the water column the signal does not pass, but on land everything is working perfectly. The only negative is that when vayfay included, charging sits on the eyes.

Again, took on Aliexpress on this page.