About lithium ion batteries 18650

18650 lithium battery calls more correctly lithium-ion batteries, as modern made exactly as was previously and other.

Name code contains sizes: 18 mm diameter, 65 mm length. Nominal operating voltage — 3.6 Volts, the EMF (no-load and maximum when charging) is 4.2 V, the minimum safe charge — 3V.

The contents

  1. Types
  2. Storage and how to prolong the service life
  3. Real capacity
  4. EAIEP
  5. Charger
  6. Video
  7. General information
  8. How to build my own
  9. Everything you need to know…
  10. How to know the capacity


In addition to different brands there are also two varieties:

  • Protected and…;
  • Not protected, as we all know .

Protected contain a surcharge that follows the absence of the overcharge, which is known to be disastrous effect on the elements. Without protection, generally used more often in all areas (bike and car batteries, laptops, powerbanks, etc.), where the charges following one common chip in the device or the charger.

The choice is clear: why raise the cost of each battery individually, if possible one with a total cost to control the charge process.

Not protected it is better to use in different projects and where the accum are in a serial chain, one after the other to increase the total voltage output. They are a Bank with a chemical solution and no extra electronics.

How to distinguish one from the other? Take a ruler and if the length is 65-66 mm., that you have in your hands the usual. If, however, 68-70, congratulate or sympathize, it’s protected!

Storage and how to prolong the service life

Lithium-ion 18650 batteries, like all such, are best stored in a cool dark place when pausarazi. To increase the lifetime we advise not to discharge below 40%.

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Also, they are very afraid of high temperatures. So don’t store them in the attic in the summer and in the barn. When used correctly, they work for 2-3 years.

Real capacity

There is no Li ion batteries with a capacity of more than 3600 mAh. There is simply no such technology and the limitation associated with chemical processes inside. If someone from sellers offers more, then this is a clear deception and should not have any Affairs with any seller or with the manufacturer brand.

The most popular and well-established of batteries are code icr18650-26f or without «f» at the end. In this code the number «26» means the capacity of 2600 mAh. The most popular manufacturer — Samsung.

As they say experienced buyers in Ali and other Chinese shops, there is quite a decent little-known brands are LiitoKala, VariCore and Antirr. But you need to take only from official representatives, since there are a large number of fakes. All the official on Aliexpress, you can find at this link.


Another well-known Chinese brand EAIEP. Its huge advantage is the ratio price/quality, far better the same Samsung, especially if you take wholesale. Here is the link to the official seller — there just you can only find the originals.


For 18650 format too there is a lot of chargers. Here is one of the most popular and high-quality of cheap is already familiar LiitoKala Lii402. Why it is, see this overview.

If you want to check capacity, charge-discharge of each individual banks, and the resistance, to regulate current, to do the «reanimation» of old elements, etc., it is better to use the block B6. But it is those who have and hands, and all this time!

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Recommended charge current specified by the manufacturer. But not always! As a rule, it cannot exceed the battery capacity. Thus, if it is 2000 mAh, the charging current can not be fed more than 2A, and to prolong best served in General two times lower than this. Rule one: the smaller the current, the longer I live the Bank.



General information

How to build my own

If it is bad with money and have a desire to walk through the master laptop looking for old laptop batteries for pennies, I advise you to watch the video below.

Guy raised a great food item for$ 50, thoroughly examining, testing and using correctly a bunch of junk. For soldering you can use this soldering station. Take a look:

Everything you need to know…

From Aka Kasyan Donetska, Ukraine I know for a long time in his blog and videos. This is a real expert on all electronics and components. Here is his informative video:

How to know the capacity

Only for those who «have hands», as well as at least one (and preferably two) tester (multimeter):