A survey on smartphone Blackview A7

Bought smartphone Blackview A7 on Aliexpress 3,500 thousand the Item went for about a month. At first I was very worried that the box will be some old phone or something, as the video showed and sent them the old phone, without batteries. And this is my first purchase of the same amount.

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Got a call back from the post office, the parcel was a simple departure. Opened the box and I was very surprised that I put a quality product I. e Android Blackview A7.

About the smartphone, battery and build quality

The phone runs on Operating System software. The smartphone battery is 2800 mAh. The screen glows bright, chamber is clear, no defects I found, in General, the smartphone me like crazy.

The main that it was important to me:

  • Good screen;
  • Loud speaker. ( because in other phones I speaker was not satisfied);
  • Charger lasts a long time.

So, I tell now about review for smartphone Blackview A7…

This phone can afford to everyone, because it is not expensive. What bonuses is this phone? Very decent bonuses:

First is a fingerprint scanner;

Secondly is dual camera and takes good pictures;

And third is the strong body of the screen and the Blackview A7. At least suddenly dropped two times, the smartphone, and the screen is not broken, flew only the inner part. After repair, the smartphone continues to perform its operational functions.

The smartphone is made of metal, the case itself is plastic, the Back cover is removable, there are two SIM card slot under the memory card. Buttons are pressed easily.

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As for the display? Then it works perfectly. Bright colors on the display. Phone in hand is very convenient. it won’t slip. The size of the phone is average. As well support different games. starting with simple games, finishing with an RPG.

What can you say about your phone’s status, is the most reliable and decent smartphone Blackview A7.

Bought the phone at home in the city, constantly through the month quickly broke. And decided to order online that I haven’t regretted one bit.So friends decide for yourself where to buy smartphones.