A set of tools for a boy

Good day! Share your impressions of the children’s tool kit that is ordered on Aliexpress on this page here.

The contents

  1. The shipping cost
  2. Read more about the set
  3. My conclusion

The shipping cost

Shipping very pleased: paid 11.11.18, on the second day sent a transport company CDEK and 08.12.18 package was delivered directly to the house (and we live outside the city without a street name and house number). The set was packaged in a mail order package with bubble wrap inside. None of the objects is not deformed

Bought with a discount for 629,01 RUB here on this page. You can choose from two options —all of the tools plus a yellow helmet or only tools, the price varies accordingly.

Read more about the set

In the set of 22 items (if with helmet), all tools made of good quality plastic, bright colors, looks believable. Some objects have movable elements, a pair of pliers and the pliers are opened, nuts bolts tighten.

A hammer, a hatchet for 3 months of intensive tapping feel good. The helmet in size to about four years, us 1.5 years was too big, but son, it does not hurt to wear it. To Fix Price bought a small building suitcase all of the items in the kit to pack it, it was a real box of tools, only for the baby.

My conclusion

A set of tools, which then ordered, fits the description of the seller. Quality material, a large number of items, convenient delivery.

At that time the price was quite adequate, today this set costs about 800 rubles, for the money I think in Russia it can be something like to find. If you are planning a toy for a gift, think about the box, as it is the seller not provided.

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But most importantly, the child is happy — how to wear a helmet, pick up a suitcase and went to «fix» everything, twists, pries, knocks, in General having fun.

Don’t forget to activate EPN cashbackwhen you buy something from Ali (I always forget). Again, bought on Aliexpress here.

Can still advise kids screwdriver battery powered.