A set of organizers for clothes and different things

Every time before traveling somewhere, there is an issue of stacking things. How to fold compactly a large amount of clothing, while not using a variety of bags and pouches?

I saw on the Internet the organizers for clothes and suitcases. In Russia or too expensive or of poor quality. As always, I went to Aliexpress and found a great choice at a reasonable price here in this page. The seller chose long and carefully, read the reviews.

To determine the color turned out to be not just 13 beautiful colors. Chose with chanterelles.

Paid for the order, the seller quickly sent, but I received their long-awaited handbag, only 1, 5 months.

It was Packed in a plastic bag, inside another zip-package.

The organizer came without smell, without protruding threads. The colours are bright, beautiful, matches the pictures on the website. A total of 6 pieces, 3 flat, 3 dimensional. Bulk bags feature a handle, one side made of mesh, which is very convenient — it is clear what lies inside. Every makeup has a brand title.

Lightning, at first glance, they look tacky but they are sturdy, buttoned — rasteryalas many times, do not diverge, are working properly.


  • The three-dimensional mesh of 40×30×12 cm, 30×28×13 cm, 30×21×13 cm.
  • Flat — 35×27 cm, 27×25 cm, 26×16 cm

These organizers I have used more than once, took in the trip. I can confidently say that this is one of the most successful and desired purchases on Aliexpress. In the trip are always sent three of us — me, husband and daughter.

Now all things calmly fit into a small suitcase. In a medium cosmetic bag fit all the necessary things for 3 — year-old child. In the suitcase is order! No confusion, because through mesh sides you can see where and what things are.

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These bags definitely will appeal to travellers, families with children, and just useful for storing things.

A set of staples cost me 600 rubles on Aliexpress, took here. Still I can recommend a cosmetic organiser in a rotating carousel and a great shelf on the refrigerator for the kitchen.