A set of drawing tools Earser

Attention! This negative opinion about the painting set Earser. If You are looking for quality a similar product to buying on Aliexpress, better look at review on watercolor pencils Deli.

Set Earser ordered for 681,16 RUB Sent delivery CDEK. First received the shipment using the delivery service (before that shipment came in the mail), didn’t know what to expect and was afraid that the difficulties arise.

With the receipt we had no complications. But with the delivery date — Yes! Sending in the Kurgan region in Kurgan went more than two months, even emails are handled faster. Track tracked (watched on the official website of SDC), so we could see all the trailheads, but in one of them shipping came to a halt, there was a message like «transport Delay due to security check» and the parcel had lain in the warehouse for more than 20 days without moving.

Had to ask seller to extend the protection to not open a dispute. Was the thought of her still lost. However, after two months I got a call from a deal and said that the parcel has arrived and is ready to issue.

We in the city are only two points of issue, the operator on the phone told me the address that far from me, so I asked if it is possible to transport a parcel to a point that is closer, because I can’t pick up from where she is now.

Two days later I got a call from the second item, said package transported, and can be picked up, it is very pleased. You could just order a courier delivery at home for a fee.

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Packed the parcel was bad: the ordinary postal package, not even from the inside lined with some bubble wrap.

The contents

  1. Quality
  2. Stylus and color
  3. Eraser, brush and holder


Fanny pack and pencils in the bag were separately in thin bags. For such a fragile content could be made more robust packaging in several layers of bubble wrap.

Thought all the pencils are broken and beaten. But the autopsy at first glance, all was whole, when sharpening them in the next (initially, the set of all pencils already sharpened, except the coal), the pencil will not break off, so pencils are not dropped and shattered. Perhaps it is the merit of SDC.

About the product: for the price, you could buy pencils, and generally all the things from the kit are much better quality.

The only thing I really need is a Fanny pack. It is very convenient to carry art supplies, Rustikal «pockets», you can wear a belt at the waist and draw standing, outdoors — everything is at hand.

The pockets fit even thick liners. And pockets for erasers you can add more to thicker markers.

Stylus and color

Cons: stylus pencils solid colors scratch paper, as if there were pebbles, discomfort, and soft strongly smear the image is dirty. Charcoal pencils are not too saturated colors, my old juicy writing.

Eraser, brush and holder

The eraser smears the pencil does not erase properly. About klecko is better to remain silent — it’s like a piece of old clay is kneaded put it almost does not crease, does not hold the desired shape,the tone does not photograph well enough.

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Feather pressed badly, very quickly begin to fray, an ordinary cotton swab and easier to feather than them. The knife normal, although flimsy, but sharp pencils sharpen them.

Holder for pencil is also good, with one end thin the pencils are inserted, the other thick. But though not used it for nearly, a ring pin somehow came loose and ceased to hold a pencil, took the pencil to wrap the tape that was thicker and held on tight.

Bottom line: the price for the set too high and does not match the quality set.