A set of creative Mandala

Bought on Aliexpress the kit for creativity on this page. The item’s description as clear as possible, but no instructions. The seller quickly answered questions and was friendly.

Arrived in Kiev for two weeks, the courier called in advance and brought the goods to the door. Packaging pleased. All in a baggie, wrapped in several layers of luperci. In perfect condition, no scratches.

For beginners

For beginners there are a full set (I bought it). It includes: 8 tools of different diameter and three trafaretka for mandala. Convenient sticks, acrylic. The size is similar to the markers. The surface is smooth and uniform. When drawing hands do not get tired, nice work.

The points work the first time, it is the same. Soft pressed and ready. Inside the pattern of the bright paint that glows when ultaviolet. A lot of small sticks joined together. Looks like the shape of DNA. When twisted rod, spiral softly. Mesmerizing. Gaps I noticed.

There is a caveat. In the place where you glued the metal end to the base, got out the glue. So on each side. At all. He already bubbles visible. The photo shows that the tip tilted to the side.

Trifle, but it shows the attitude of the seller to the goods. But the figure does not affect. Think how long they will last, will quickly fall off. Thin sticks that are less than a centimeter, can be easily bent. In their original form will not be returned. The case for them. With a strong desire can be purchased separately for about $ 5.

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My first test was on the glass. The first couple of taps was uncertain. Quickly getting the hang of it. Held like a normal pen. Noticed that thick acrylic paint uncomfortable.


After use, remains a lot of paint. Here’s a gouache or watercolor easier. On the page, Ali says that is suitable for all surfaces, even have pictures of outlined stones. I feel better just on paper, but I think over time you’ll learn.

By the way, if you want to try yourself as an artist, I can recommend you a painting by numbers. You can easily feel the artist of the Renaissance era.))

At first it was unclear how to use the stencils. Later on, the seller kindly explained. They need to assign contours. Flexible for different slopes. Then on top draw a mandala.

In General I can say that happy. The set met my expectations. As in every product from China, has its drawbacks. The primary advantage is, of course, price. Shipping instant. Only thing missing is the purse or case to store all this «good».

And that is throughout the apartment flew. Was surprised that I had it so beautifully decorate the glass, even though I’m not an artist. If I did it, and then turn at all. Again, took on Aliexpress here.