A set of colored knives

Bought a set of knives in August for 12 $ on Aliexpress, the delivery was quite long. In Khabarovsk the order came after 40 days. The kit includes 3 knives (small one for vegetables, medium, and large chef’s knife).

All knives have the original color version. The blade and handle color. The color changes from deep to lighter. and then generally appears white on the handle, and the blade shines with all the colors of the rainbow.

The fact that the knife metal can be seen only at the edge of the blade.

To use the knives very comfortable. The handle is made from a material similar to glass, but with a rough, non-slip surface. Very pleasant to the touch. The knife fits well in the hand.

The blades are very sharp and well sharpened. Great knife, feels good in the hand. I used it even for chopping small bones, chicken. It perfectly copes with it.

Often using a small knife, after repeated sharpening, he has not changed. The average is used for cutting bread, meat, cleaning fish. Me, he, too, fails.

Colored knives is perfect for any color scheme of your kitchen. Again, taking on Ali here at this link. Still I can recommend nozzles pastry baking and multifunctional slicer Famirosa.

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