A review on backpack brand TIGERNU — stylish and sleek

I want to talk about extreme purchase on the website Aliexpress. This time, I long and with impatience waited for the backpack company TIGERNU. After much research and sifting through reviews, the choice fell on the model TIGERNU T – B3105.

The contents

  1. The official representative Tierno
  2. Overview
  3. Where to buy
  4. Video

The official representative Tierno

Bought from official seller for 1650 rubles In Rostov goods delivered during the 32 days after sending by regular mail. Free shipping.

It was Packed in several layers of tough polyethylene, they arrived without damage. Dimensions fully comply with the stated by the seller. Backpack with a strong urban style.


Looks strictly, restrained, flashy, but stylish, red insert. Missing a bunch of straps sticking out at the sides, athletic mesh, bright labels. The backpack is quite flat and even empty holds its shape well, which is very convenient to public transport.

In the backpack was originally planning to carry your laptop, but is listed on the website, 15.6 inch is clearly overrated. The laptop fits in the compartment pretty tight and to close the zipper no longer works. I think 14-15 inches would fit like a glove.

On the sides there are two pockets, which is very convenient. With one hand on the elastic band for water bottle, the other under lock and key for different things (also have gum, you can carry a compact umbrella).

The materials look good and pleasant to the touch. External finishing – textile inner – synthetic of a good quality. Very pleased with double zipper on the main compartment (in the subway awl will not reveal). The dogs there are holes for a lock that comes in the kit. (Photo 2, 3) a child Lock, but still nice.

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Handle the usual rag, but quite dense and looks reliable. Wide straps with foam lining, is soft, but great weight will not stand. Stiff back support, also has foam for comfort. (Photo 4) On the straps is very comfortable, height-adjustable chest strap. Water-resistant at a good level, got under heavy rains – everything inside is dry.

Interior compartments feature two. In the main compartment easily fits a laptop (there is a valve for latching), A4 folder and a few books or notebooks. Sub-office is much smaller, but there are a lot of different pockets and easy to place:

  • small tablet;
  • phone;
  • pens, notepads;
  • trivia.

There is a zip pocket from the grid, which is convenient for carrying things you need on hand.

After three months of using this backpack I can safely say that the purchase is worth the money. Nice appearance, good quality of materials, average capacity, price – the main advantages.

Where to buy

Again, I bought it on Aliexpress. Here is the direct link for this model, but the shop of the official representative with all the currently available models. I recommend to buy from them, sell at retail and wholesale.