A review from the owner to R9 Cubot (Kubot P9) after two weeks of use

As in the previous phone (bought in the cabin) broke the touchscreen. And then he also drowned, there was a need to compensate for the loss. I wanted something that works without freezes and not expensive. Found smartphone Kubot P9, stuffed with everything you need. As it turned out more and meets all described by the seller characteristics.

The contents

  1. Camera
  2. Memory, screen and sound
  3. Battery
  4. Opinion
  5. Where to buy


Immediately apologize for the photo as had to withdraw for a very old phone.


Main camera 13 MP — camera was one of the main parameters. What can you say about the camera in the Cubot R9? Huge, but probably the only negative — it’s a horrible zoom. If the photo is not so noticeable, after watching the video on your PC in moments where I wanted to shoot something close-up the phone want to throw away. Otherwise, the quality pleases. About the front camera there’s nothing to tell, though it. For talking on Skype or other messengers will come, but for self not.

Memory, screen and sound

RAM 2 Gb stated. Enough to play games without slowdown and movies online to watch. Instant messengers and social fly. In continuation of memory, the smartphone has 16 gigabytes of internal memory . 11 of them are available (like all the rest occupied by system).

The image on the screen is crisp, colorful, here on the parts is clearly not saved. The team responds to quick, light touches. Watch a film in the way it is possible, viewing angle is acceptable.

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What about the sound, it’s not so smooth. Both speakers loud enough, but when you watch those movies is much more pleasant when you use headphones or speaker. Yes, and the rear speaker is not very convenient. If you hold the phone horizontally, it does not say during the games closing speaker hand.


In active use (games, social, instant messengers) charge lasts for the whole day. And in comparison with later models available on aliexpress, Cubot R9 has a removable battery. Ie, if necessary, can be independently replaced without going to service center. And, alternatively, buy a second battery and easily change it in the home to not use powerbeam.


In the end a little bit about design and surprises from the seller. The phone is very comfortable in the hand. Pleased with the thickness. In comparison with the models proposed in salons it is almost 2 times thinner. At the time of ordering was available in 3 colours. And the rest of the usual smartphone. Equipment boxes in addition to the smartphone, USB cord + wall charger, user guide. As usual, the phone also has a silicone bumper and screen protector (just pasted).

This joy ordered before the new year, the smartphone cost around 88$. He came quickly, thanks to the seller and mail, on the following day he was already in the mail. 6 days since ordering, I’ve received the parcel. During the usage, any faults or flaws (except as described) is not found. As a result, was satisfied with the purchase.

Where to buy

I ordered your full version of P9 on Aliexpress here. From this seller is available from three colors that you have not at all. If the shop will change the link or restart the product, then you will get on search and then look at the Greatness store.

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