A quality tactical backpack nylon Free Soldier purchased from the official representative

Good day! Today I would like to tell you about the original tactical backpack with a volume of 45 liters, purchased on Aliexpress months ago on sale for 1700 rubles. With this backpack I’ve travelled a lot and now I can confidently voice my opinion about it:

The contents

  1. Shipping
  2. The quality of workmanship
  3. Functionality
  4. Conclusion and opinion


After the order, the seller did not respond for a whole week, although after the seller sent the item, my backpack reached me in 16 days, given the fact that I chose shipping from Russia.

Here it should be noted that I ordered in the official store Free Soldier on Aliexpress:

The quality of workmanship

Backpack at the request of seller made from 100% nylon, which I readily believe. All performed at the highest level, threads do not stick out, the plastic parts are not damaged, locks are doing their job perfectly — random backpack just will not open. Felt the quality of the product, a pleasure to hold in hands.


Now for the interesting part — functionality.

On the front of the backpack has 2 zip pockets. In the bottom pocket can be placed, for example, stationery or other small things that you may need during the day. The top small pocket I identified as pockets for medicines or personal hygiene products (toothbrush, shaving kit, etc.)

The following is the office of medium size. I usually define for the things that are required in certain situations or means of leisure (books, magazines, chargers, etc.). In this Department also there is a place for all kinds of small things, which if desired can be placed there.

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Finally, the seat back occupies the big office. In short trips (less than a week) where I define the set of clothes. Usually it consists of pants, several t-shirts or shirts, sweaters, three pairs of socks and underwear. If desired, you can accommodate more, but for me is more than enough. Also, in this compartment is a large pocket-mesh (which I usually empty) and a small pocket for money (where I usually kept the money of small denomination).

Along the top of the backpack, there is a clasp, which will not allow things to fall out, if one of the branches of the backpack accidentally opens.

Straps this backpack is made well. They allow you to adjust the length, and because of their rather large width does not RUB.

Conclusion and opinion

If you are looking for a small backpack for short trips, feel free to take this product, but for Hiking or long trips should find the model. In the same shop, as is likely, they are all pretty high quality.

Link to the product:

Next time they have to buy sneakers and gloves, I liked it firm!