A powerful home PC motherboard X79 and Xeon

The market literally threw a powerful 8-core Xeon chips from decommissioned servers and cheap server-side strips of DDR3 RAM.

Cheap it’s not because of bad or weak, but because of their massive replacement by heavy-duty servers of the companies. But for a home computer they can work with rather impressive capacity.

But! Manufacturers are no fools and have made a few different sockets, but the «handy» Chinese remade in the truest sense of the word — finished!

The Chinese have created a motherboard X79 specifically for such hardware. Can be very cheap for her to buy a Xeon CPU, server memory 16 gigabytes of commercials and… The rest is standard.

The contents

  1. Motherboard
  2. E5-26xx
  3. Video card and power supply
  4. Conclusion
  5. Video


The mother X79 is:

  • Socket-processor Kseon;
  • Under the Board four DDR3 memory SERVER, which will give us 16 Gigs, buy all four you can on this link on Aliexpress;
  • Two PIC-E under the video card. At the same time, they are removed from each other for better cooling, if you want to use two graphics cards;
  • Network RJ45 with gigabitovy speed transmission, and all the other standard connectors.

Here is a link to it on Ali.


As for processors, you can use any code Xeon E5-26xx, learn more about their varieties, we wrote in this article.

I choose OCTA-core E5-2670 with a frequency of 2.6 GHz per core.

By the way, pay attention to other markings of Xeon processors. In particular, it is better not to take the value C0 (though these also hard to find), C1 and C2 are normal. S2 are the best, but I am not going to go into complicated technical nonsense, just take my word for it.

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Buy this «stone» can be here on Aliexpress.

Video card and power supply

In X79 motherboard has no integrated graphics, and the percent Kseon not chip. So will definitely need to use more and more none.

This is the part which is not included in servers that simply do not need it there, so at this point especially to save will not work. You can buy them at local computer shop or b.. at the same Aliexpress.

And the power supply depends on the graphics card.

If building a computer, not for games, you can just buy the cheapest graphics card and PSU in the shop. This will be enough for a workhorse.

Gamers will need to choose a more expensive and powerful, but it is beyond the scope of our article.


What do we have?

A very powerful 8-nuclear PC to operate only about $ 250. For gamers of a workpiece by a powerful video card and power supply faster.

Oh Yes, I forgot about permanent memory — SSD. With socket M2 , like this Board does not support, so take any partition of the SSD. Its more than enough. As the keyboard is advised to take such a mechanical keyboard with backlighting and a gaming mouse Razer.