A motor on a bike with Aliexpress

Last spring I became interested in working on our «mediocre» mountain bike in electric bicycles.

As I said, the bike is the «srednyachok» manufacturer TURBO handmade in Thailand with 26 inch wheels and disc brakes. However, the kits are sold on Aliexpress almost any wheel diameter and for any purpose (power). Kits it is possible to choose also any, to the extent that to choose the right elements to specific manufacturers. In fact, you buy only electroclash, and everything else can be configured individually.

I ride a bike a lot and the load make especially strong. I set was needed for the following tasks:

  • Do not stop to rest, and to continue the movement at a time when the rest;
  • To go longer distances when needed;
  • To bring me home, when you are tired and had no strength to pedal.

My friend also collected for myself in order to go to a Park and back along the polluted roads of the city, and the Park has already engaged in the usual valuesdo. And recently a neighbor said it was not bad and he be to have to travel for more beer when not enough, and driving a car to drive anymore. Well, everyone has their own needs))).

The contents

  • Overview
  • Electroclash
  • How to assemble
  • Charger
  • Control unit with LCD screen
  • Testing
  • Opinion
  • Overview

    Peresmotrel and studied a ton of information, and consulting with other owners of electric bikes, I decided to buy the next set from ANNOYBIKE:

    • Front electroclash with a diameter of 26 inches and a power of 250 Watts with a voltage of 36 Volts.
    • Battery 10 AH (10000mah) to the frame instead of the bottle holder. Was another option the back over the wing;
    • Control unit with LCD screen. The second cheaper option is just on the LEDs, but there is much less information;
    • The rest is standard: a throttle with a voltmeter and the ignition key, standard controller — it is the same for all, brake levers, front light, synchronizer pedal, which I subsequently refused.
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    Remember, all images on the site can be increased by clicking on them!

    Why I chose the front (Front) drive wheel Annoybike, not the rear (Rear)?

    First, it is much easier to put — there is no chain and sprockets. And secondly, I wanted to go for the AWD bike when the front wheel is driven by a power electric motor, and the rear — force pedaling. Here is the jeep all-wheel drive 4×4, and I wanted to try great 2×2!)) And, as practice showed, my choice was the right one!

    Ordered on Aliexpress here from this seller. It cost me then$ 450 including shipping, now like cheaper.

    No problems with delivery was not. Only because there was a large battery, and send by airmail it could not, therefore, sent regular surface mail and parcel was a month and a half, as I was warned in advance and the deadline for the confirmation of the order the seller initially increased.

    All the time the seller was polite and was constantly answering my questions even after the completion of the transaction.

    How to assemble

    Here it should be noted here that I am not a techie and all I did before with the bike was change the camera punched, doused the chain with oil and installed the rear red lamp. So when I received this whole set, posted it and found the kit instructions, at first I got a little worried: «But if I can get all this together in a complete device ready?».

    However, it was all very simple. Quickly changed the wheel, moved the disc brake, the handle, the battery secured to the two bolts from the bottle holder, etc. With the wiring too anything difficult arose, as they have a high «dorgostoyaschie» and connect something wrong simply will not work! Not well suited to each other different connectors and you can connect them all at least «in the blind».

    The controller is located above the upper frame in a separate plastic box. The battery is fixed on its holder with a key, very convenient to take on charge in the apartment if the garage has no outlet.

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    The charger is a pretty powerful unit is 42 Volt and 2 amperes with forced cooling (there is a built-in fan). The entire circuit is activated by turning the ignition key near the right of the throttle. When the ignition is immediately turned on, the voltmeter shows the current system voltage. It is normal (at full battery): without load — 42 Volts, when you turn on the load can drop to 35-36 Volts. At full discharge the battery drops to 32 Volts with no load.

    Over time, I’m used to seeing constantly the numbers of the throttle and is now much more precisely determined by him the degree of charging the battery than at the standard level. Also, now this can be done with accuracy to tenths of a percent!

    Control unit with LCD screen

    The control unit with a screen is activated separately by pressing the power button. It shows the battery charge, current power consumption, speed, distance traveled since the last ignition, and some other, not really important icons.

    At first I was afraid that monochrome liquid crystal screen will not be seen overnight but in fact it has its own backlight, so everything is perfectly clear, as on the instrument panel in the car.

    Flashlight front light kit — is generally a separate conversation. It shines a lot stronger than the two Cycling flashlight, bought and installed me before. Even his own metal cooling fins are, for really heated. Included on a separate its own button at the left of the handle.


    When everything was ready, I started to learn a new style of riding and also to test some characteristics of the kit without using the motor the pedals.

    Maximum speed with fully charged battery approximately 32 km. per hour, the maximum travel distance from a single charge of the battery is 22 kilometres on the asphalt. These are my personal measurements. If you help feet, the load on the engine decreases and the energy consumption is reduced, accordingly, it is possible to go much further, and the speed increases.

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    Very pleased with the work supplied synchronizer pedal. The meaning of his work is simple: when you pedal, the motor is turned off even if the throttle cranked all the way up. I initially disabled, ubedilsya without it better and completely removed this unnecessary synchro with the pedals. It is very convenient to synchronize the engine power and own efforts. Besides, only in this arrangement it is possible to achieve a full full two-wheeled drive!

    Budge not very briskly, but if you help feet, you will be guaranteed to «do» when starting at the traffic lights, other cyclists and even Chinese scooters with CVTs. Perhaps, for a more dramatic start better to take a kit with a capacity of 350-500 Watts, but it will be faster to consume electricity.


    Overall very happy with the purchase and alteration of your two-wheeled friend. For many, this can become a full replacement urban scooter, because it does not need rights, plus a cheaper price, you can ride anywhere and saving on gasoline.

    For regular cyclists is this set in General is required. Because, as you know, just to give a serious strain on the body can not, so many cyclists do first warm-up and only after her drive. Now you can go on the motor and gradually increase the load, making the warm-up so is on the way! Be sure to take with you on the go sports headphones Bluedio Ai, that was fun to pedal, the fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and periodically check the weight on a special «smart» scales Xiaomi.

    Again, bought on Aliexpress here. The seller can recommend, responsive and responsible.

    I will be glad to answer your comments below if you have any questions.