A good multimeter with Aliexpress DT-9205M

After I by mistake burned the old simple Chinese tester without protection DT-832, I decided to buy something bigger with a built-in surge protection and current. On the advice of colleagues, and reading reviews online, chose multimeter DT-9205M.

Aliexpress buy goods for the fourth year , so quickly found the goods, the selection was great.

The contents

  • Price and delivery
  • Use
  • Manual
  • Price and delivery

    I stopped on the seller with free shipping, a good rating and a full refund for the goods on guarantees as on shipping and goods. He sold multimeter for 11.55 USD. Checked the shipping method was standard AliExpress Sipping, terms 25-41 days. Previously wrote the store a letter once about the quality of the device and guarantees, as the seller was in touch from the website.

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    I was all arranged, I made the order and made the payment via Kiwi wallet on which I lie the RUB.

    The website Aliexpress automatically converted 11.55 dollars into rubles and announced that you need to pay 740,35 rubles, I agreed, and payment was made.

    Then I went to the website in the personal account under «My orders» and checked the presence of this ordering and its current status. There in the column of goods can be tracked postage for this product.

    There is also a track number, enabling you to track packages on third-party sites. I usually use this service, before the arrival of the receipt I find out that the goods are delivered and come in the mail. It happened this time.

    In Voronezh, a post office, the device entered the 26 day. The next day in the mail, after filling out the receipt, check the packaging of the parcel and took it.

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    At home, just in case, did the phone live with the details of the package and its opening. A year ago, I bought Ali led flashlight. He was not working, the led module was faulty. Told the seller, he asked me to make a video. Well, I still have the packaging. I complied with his request.

    Then he apologized and offered to send a new flashlight, I agreed and a month later received intact. Then I came to the conclusion that you need to do a video opening the package, and then, if necessary, it will be possible to shoot video in the event of a defect.


    Because the device I ordered is no battery, then inserting it («Crown»), began to check. I have used all the limits of measurement worked properly. In the device of a lot of chips as a measurement of vessels, the parameters of transistors, diodes, which I don’t use. Then checked the protection by turning instead 2 volts and 20 milliamps is 20 200. Protection worked properly. Great!

    Important! Before buying multimeter need to contact the seller and discuss the methodology of testing of the protection device against overload. This will additionally motivate the seller for a quality product and will protect You.


    The only downside to this purchase is that the manual is in Chinese. But this is not a problem. You can take a picture or scan page of the user, and then using a program, or easier, online recognizers text and built-in interpreters, to instruction in Russian.

    Also easy using a search engine to find instructions and a diagram on the Internet. Because this device has long been used, and many call it did not. Just in case advise a great soldering station, but it is useful only in the case if you are addicted to radio.

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    So I got a good device for the price twice cheaper than in the store, getting savings about 700 rubles. But this is not the limit. If you spend 5 minutes and sign up to the affiliate program refund of percentage of purchase cashback, and you’ll buy through a partner, they will give You back the percentage that you will see when purchasing goods from the seller, about 7%.

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    I was in the aliexpress epn, so I will return at the expense of about 50 rubles. If You intend to buy goods on this Internet site , you are advised to register in such cashbackers. By the way, they serve and other online stores.