A bad tripod for the ring lamp or camera — Fasdga

Tripod ordered 25.01.2019. Came 28.02.2019. Quite a long delivery compared to other orders. Cost 802 of the ruble. Now is a bit cheaper.

Let’s start with the packaging. Came in the mail I immediately said that the product is damaged. I was very surprised, because face it the first time.

The photo shows a piece of paper pasted with a stamp of the Russian post. It says on the package and, accordingly, the product is damaged.

The contents

  1. Damage
  2. Mount
  3. Conclusion


Picking up a long rectangular box I saw that it’s all wrinkled and in some places, even torn. Well, I did not have to present the postal workers silently went to watch the goods at home, maybe blow over…

Arriving home, I started to open the box. Everything inside is sealed, to put it mildly, not very. Black tripod just Packed in a plastic bag, without any protective bubble wrap.

Taking a tripod Fasdga, I immediately began to apply it in the case. Slightly turning in different directions I figured out how it works. He expanded like an umbrella.

Put it on the floor and began to move up. There are two offices that are responsible for raising it up. Both raise about a meter and in the end, the maximum raise I could on 2 meters. It was pleasant to me. It will be convenient to insert ring lamp and do good lighting.


Further remained only to consolidate offices. Starting to twist them clockwise, I found that it fixed bad.

I was having a very long time in the hope that something has changed. But all to no avail. And bad recorded two branches.

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I finally decided to fix back the lamp. And there, too bad with the thread. Barely I was able to screw in, but the web is very poorly kept, and the lamp was swaying in different directions.

There was a bolt, I thought that business in it and started it spinning. But it is the same situation. He is spinning, spinning, but not spinning. I was very upset and decided to try to put on a tripod the camera. But only towards him under its weight loose separation of the rod began to fall to the bottom. Anything not normally kept.


When ordering a tripod , I very seriously approached to business. A few days have watched different tripods, read reviews. And in the end chose this. The reviews were very good, nobody complained almost. I decided to take a chance. The result was the same as described above.

Now I try to understand why. First, I wrote to the seller. If he can’t say anything intelligible, I will open a dispute and get money back. If he can prove his innocence. Go complain to the Mail of Russia. But I still think it is the fault of the seller, as it is very badly Packed fragile order.

In General, the outcome: I bought a tripod from this seller Fasdga! Better to look at the brand, say, this Yunteng.