8848 backpack for traveling and carry-on baggage in airplanes

This summer we decided to make a RAID on Europe. Decided to fly to travel light without check-in baggage, only hand Luggage. I figured that for these purposes, the perfect backpack that meets the following requirements:

  • Roomy and practical;
  • Dimensions must not exceed 55 x 40 x 20 cm (this is the maximum possible size of hand Luggage of most airlines);
  • Stylish;
  • Preferably moistureproof;
  • Worth up to 3 000 rubles.

I walked a lot shopping centers, ‘ve seen dozens on the Internet and realized that the really good (quality and original) model will cost me at least 5 000.

The contents

  1. Where to buy the official
  2. Sizes, seems and the quality
  3. Opinion

Where to buy the official

Decided to revisit a favorite AliExpress and soon I saw it – a pink backpack from the store with the strange name «8848».

As it turned out, it’s pretty well known Chinese brand, founded in 2011 and named after the highest mountain in the world – Everest. The basic concept of all models from the «8848» is a retro and minimalism. Here is the link to the official brand store on Ali.

The seller is represented in almost all models of the brand in all colors (male/female). I’m always on the side of practicality, so choose only from solid models.

Again, at first glance, I fell in love with a pink backpack, but after a little thought, remembering the color scheme of my wardrobe, I decided to take it a beige coloring.

The color was very versatile, goes well together with sports things, but also with casual clothes.

The store always has the following system of discounts:

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  • Discount US $1.00 when you purchase $28.00;
  • US $2.00 when you purchase $55.00;
  • US $4.00 when you purchase from $109.00.

When you purchase this backpack in August I was able to reduce the cost of one dollar (not much, but still) and it cost me 2250 R. Saw on black Friday for this model was a very good discount.

Shipping from Moscow to St. Petersburg within a week, delivered by courier service SDEK directly to your home.

Sizes, seems and the quality

My first reaction after receiving and unpacking of parcels: «God, he’s huge!». Yes, indeed, it is very large.

And despite the fact that I was made aware of its dimensions (28 x 16 x 46 cm), I’m still very taken aback: even on the back of my husband he looked huge.

What I like about this backpack:

  • The presence of the compartment for a laptop;
  • Great stitching: quality stitching seams, logo lining is all on top! The backpack is fully consistent with the photos of the seller on the product page. The colors, the fabric and straps are very bright and saturated;
  • Comfortable adjustable shoulder straps padded back – all for a comfortable wear;
  • Quality water-repellent fabric;
  • Convenient headphone Jack;
  • Stylish design. I really like that there is nothing superfluous. A pair of straps, masking buttons and convenient pockets – everything! Inside the backpack there is a zipper, a drawstring, which is fixed with a clamp. Also quite convenient, especially if you score a backpack chock-full zipper in this scenario most likely not to buckle.

What I don’t like:

  • The backpack looks bad if it is half-empty: floats, bristling. In General, it must be filled at least 80 %;
  • It is very big! Yes, capacity is good and it perfect for traveling. But! Still, it’s a female model (indicated and from the seller), and me – the girl is not the most delicate Constitution – this backpack looks very massive.
    Besides, if you fill it to capacity (or even bricks, and the usual tourist things: change of clothes, toiletries, one pair of shoes), carry it back a few hours is very difficult. Even empty he felt on the back.
    Male models are absolutely identical and have the same displacement. (20 – 36 l). I think for girls it’s overkill. But it’s certainly my fault, not the seller. Just keep in mind that this backpack will look very awkward on a petite girl or teenager.
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Cons small, we can say that they are not. 8848 backpack really comfortable, coped with the function of carrying and keeping things in the journey.

It is a pity that in normal life I don’t use it: at work I have so many things I don’t wear and for gym I have a more compact bag. In General, travel is a must, take!

Again, bought on Aliexpress here on the real website of the brand 8848. They have more small sizes. If you want even less, you can pay attention to the line of Muzee backpacks.

But if you need a really huge and «unkillable», I can advise road duffel bag Ziranyu.