4G Bluboo Picasso — review of the updated smartphone

A woman’s desire — the law. Wanted to gift a new phone, found a sponsor (husband). I’m a Thrifty lady, so I did not spend time in local boutiques electronics, just go to online shops.

The contents

  1. Ordering and overall experience
  2. Dispute (disputation) with the seller on Ali
  3. Opinion
  4. Video

Ordering and overall experience

To be honest, had my eye on a similar product two months. Put the filter in Aliexpress on three parameters: 2 SIM card, free shipping and the price to 5000 rubles. On the date of the product popped up model BLUBOO Pikasso 4G.

View with packing box

Characteristics of the phone contain android OS 6.0, 5.0 screen, memory 2 GB/16 GB, camera 8 MP and 13 MP, removable battery of 2800. The price of the phone was listed 4983 ruble. The color chose gold.

Husband on the same day placed the order, easily and without difficulty with your Visa card. The seller, accordingly, threw an additional message: «Send faster, wish to birthday».

Then began the agonizing wait and the route of the parcel from China to Barnaul (no additional delivery services not ordered). Three days after the order, the price of this phone on the website rose to 5492 rubles. Conducted additional monitoring of the value of this model in other online stores. Some clearly fell into the price range Aliexpress, but concluded that my purchase will be profitable.

To look at the price on Aliexpress now >>

Orders paid on 2 February, and the seller sent it only the number 11. Announced that the shipping of the goods is given 6-7 days. After sending a dumped track to track, which worked all the way: the goods left China 13.02.17, from Finland 22.02.17, 28.02.17 for 07.03.17 were sorting Department at Vnukovo, 09.03.17 got a distribution centre in Domodedovo, 11.03.17 sent to Barnaul. I got it in the mail 14 Mar 2017

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Before ordering, read the customer reviews, my product came like they have the clearance of the parcel. Packed was just a normal box with softening layer, but the phone was well prepared for shipping with the clamps on the glass, the contact at the battery was closed. The kit included only the charging cord. Involved, works, damage to the product is no, «says» and «shows» — excellent.

Pleasantly surprised by the protective glass on the screen. Started to use, the phone is really good, battery is enough for me a day with almost constant presence in the social.networks, the battery with prolonged use, the phone does not get hot.

Dispute (disputation) with the seller on Ali

Checked stated on the site characteristics and the filling. It turned out that the built-in memory 16 GB and only 11 GB (9 GB free). Based on these inconsistencies opened a dispute for 1000 rubles, which lasted nearly three weeks. For the proof had to download a special verification program, to fix the fact on the claim. The dispute was decided in our favor by the site administration. Now we are happy waiting for a refund.

Otherwise, all features fully confirmed third-party utilities, tests and simple measurements:

  • A 6 inch screen with HD resolution 720p (1280 x 720 pixels) ;
  • Dual SIM, both supporting LTE ;
  • Capacious battery 4200 MAh., quite decent by modern standards ;
  • Well, all related: Bluetooth — connected it to the column Zealotand smartbrake Excelvanwifi, etc. technologies.


For those who do not need high performance (who doesn’t play powerful games on the phone), but need a good battery is a great choice. Especially liked the design: ultra-thin case and a very unusual, interesting back cover, the model not the name of a famous artist.

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For the money a great choice, I have 3 months until normal flight.
I wish you all good shopping on Aliexpress.

See the description of the product and the price today


Rear view