3D Wallpaper in a brick wall

You will undoubtedly be interested in these paper 3D Wallpaper in a brick wall.

Wallpaper I liked it instantly because it’s exactly what was perfect for me in the living room. Price for 1 roll for 1 570 RUB. Method of delivery: mail of Russia. Took on Aliexpress here.

After you complete the payment via the card, which is very convenient, I had to wait not too long, the seller was penetrating and after 36 days the parcel was waiting for me in the mail.

The contents

  1. Packaging, texture and rolls
  2. Sticky
  3. Conclusion

Packaging, texture and rolls

All the goods were safely Packed in 2 layers of protective films. The parcel weight is slightly less than 3 lbs., the order consisted of 2 rolls. After removing the film roll, hand felt good texture to the Wallpaper, also the saturation of colors is very pleasing to the eye.

Surprisingly, the colors one to one match with photos from the seller, because it was done qualitatively for the buyer!

When cutting Wallpaper to dock the figure is very little excess from the roll strip at 1.5 cm on the average wall height 2.70 m. one roll is enough for 4 lanes.


Glued easy joined pattern is perfect, after all the manufacturer’s recommendations when preparing and pasting. Dry for 12 hours. After drying seams shape a perfect figure, and the finish lines. The surface can be easily cleaned with a sponge.

The end result is forced to be happy all the relatives for a housewarming party.

These 3D Wallpaper in the style of the brick walls are ideal for use in contemporary, on-trend design solutions for residential and office space.

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While regular Wallpaper lose this three-dimensional image emerging from the 3D picture of these gorgeous Wallpapers.

Optimal ratio price-quality, and waiting time is the main thing when choosing this wonderful product. From the seller there are periodic discounts on the entire range of products. Again, took on Aliexpress here on this page.

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