3D pen Dewang — custom modern art

A 3d pen from the company Dewang… Is a heating device with adjustable temperature, which goes through the plastic «cord» which melts and allows you to «draw» in 3D mode.

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  • Size 184*31*46;
  • Weight 62 grams;
  • Power — 12 Volts. It is very good, in case of breakage of the power supply can be replaced by another, which is now very much at 12 Volts;
  • Temperature adjustable from 160 to 230 degree Celsius;
  • The nozzle diameter — 0.7 mm. This is important, it is a plastic in the future will need to buy.

Average price of kit from Aliexpress — $ 20 at the time of writing this article. As it stands now, and whether on sale, you can look here.

This set comes with 22 separate packages, plastic (consumables) to have enough for a long time, you can buy here. When finished, you will need to order consumables separately, can all be on the same link.

The pen is powered from the mains through the power supply and is designed primarily for kids and creative people. To draw in 3 dimensional space something worthwhile, you need to have some artist skills. However, the sculptures also can try to do.

Any practical use for it, hard to find, but still possible. For example, the filling and sealing any gaps. You can fill the joints in aquariums, the skin of the car, the Windows, including plastic, furniture for excluding insects, etc.


Overall, my first time was not very good, but if you look at pictures on the Internet, then in people after some experience get even very interesting things:

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3D pen Dewang works, and then it all depends on each individual. Consumable plastic on Aliexpress can be viewed at this link. The price depends on the number of strips in order. The more order, the lower will be the price of each individual coil of plastic. It is better to order more stock, then do not sit waiting for the parcel, because the city is unlikely to find something similar.

A video testimonial